Battlefield Kitchen
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The Battlefield Kitchen (BK) provides the capability to prepare meals to sustain 300 Soldiers with quality nutrition in a tactical environment. BK is a trailer-mounted, expandable platform towed by the Light Medium Tactical Vehicle. It will replace the Army’s remaining Mobile Kitchen Trailers (MKT), primarily in echelon-above-brigade units.


BK will provide better meal quality, enhanced versatility and a healthier operator environment through the use of new thermostatically controlled, modular appliances. The MKT uses open flame appliances from the 1950s that vent exhaust and heat into the kitchen environment inhabited by cooks and their customers. BK’s energy efficient, quiet appliances will feature closed combustion to vent burner exhaust from the kitchen. The man-portable, modular appliances will also be reconfigurable within the kitchen or dismountable for use off the kitchen platform. This will provide the flexibility to adapt meal preparation to the mission scenario.


  • Capable of preparing rations for 300 personnel in four hours using any available military ration
  • M1061 A1 military standard trailer
  • Onboard 3 kW military standard generator
  • Modular appliances with a minimum of 20 percent less fuel consumption
  • Onboard ventilation, running water and refrigeration
  • Capable of rail, sea, road, variable and fixed wing transport
  • Capable of being deployed and used worldwide in all conditions and environments
  • Government-owned technical data for re-procurement and to provide complete life cycle support


3QFY18: Production Prove-Out Testing ongoing



  • Milestone C, Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) decision
  • Contract Production Option Award
  • Begin LRIP


  • Berg Company (Spokane, WA)
Battlefield Kitchen (BK)