Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT)/HEMTT Extended Service Program (ESP)
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Updated: 2023


The Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) consists of a family of 4-axle, 8-wheel drive tactical vehicles, including multiple cargo, tanker, tractor, wrecker, and load handling variants. The Cargo variants carry up to 11-ton payloads, while the Load Handling System (LHS) variant can carry flat racks and International Organization for Standardization containers up to 13 tons. The Tanker has a 2,500-gallon bulk fuel capacity, and the Wrecker provides lift tow and flat tow capability for the Army’s wheeled vehicle fleet. There are two tractor variants in the HEMTT family: one for towing engineer equipment, with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 151,000 pounds and one for towing PATRIOT semitrailers with a Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR) of 109,000 pounds.

The latest generation of HEMTTs, the A4 vehicle model, has significant upgrades from the predecessor A2 and Basic HEMTTS, including a common cab with the Palletized Load System (PLS) A1, appliqué armor protection together with A-cab having integral under cab protection and provisions for mounting the armor B-kit, an improved power train (engine and transmission), an anti-lock braking system, traction control; updated electrical system, climate control, and air ride suspension.

Older Basic and A2 HEMTT models are being updated to the latest A4 configuration through the HEMTT Extended Service Program (ESP)/HEMTT Recapitalization (RECAP), a RECAP program that converts high-mileage, older-version HEMTT trucks into the current A4 production configuration with a zero mile new vehicle warranty. HEMTT RECAP is a critical element to balance configurations and modernize the fleet. The HEMTT A4 has improved survivability with add-on underbody armor, as well as top and side protection (both common to the PLS A1). This program produces a like-new vehicle with a full new-vehicle warranty through converting the HEMTT A0/A2 into a HEMTT A4 armor-capable truck.


The HEMTT’s primary mission is to deliver high tonnages of supplies (all classes) to combat and combat support units across all tactical mobility levels as far forward as mission, enemy, troops, terrain, and time and civil considerations allow.


  • HEMTT Family:
    • Size: 8×8 chassis with up to 8-wheel drive capability
    • GVWR: Ranges from 64,000 to 105,000 pounds
    • Engine: Caterpillar C15 (15.2 L, 500 horsepower)
    • Transmission: Allison 4500 SP (5-speed automatic)
    • Long-Term Armor Strategy B-Kit Ready
    • Light-emitting diode headlights
    • Common Cab with PLS A1
    • Max towing speed 62 mph with full payload on flat terrain
  • M985 Cargo:
    • GVWR: 70,000 pounds (78,500 with armor)
    • Crane: Grove 5,400 pounds at 16.5 feet
  • M977 Cargo:
    • GVWR: 64,000 pounds (72,500 with armor)
    • Crane: Grove 2,500 pounds at 19 feet
  • M985A4 GMT:
    • GVWR: 64,000 pounds (72,500 with armor)
    • Crane: Hiab 4,500 pounds at 20.5 feet
  • M1120 LHS:
    • GVWR: 68,000 pounds (76,500 with armor)
    • LHS: 26,000 pounds (including flat rack)
  • M978A4 Tanker:
    • GVWR: 64,000 pounds (72,500 with armor)
    • Bulk fuel capacity: 2,500 gallons
  • M984A4 Wrecker:
    • GVWR: 97,000 pounds (105,500 with armor)
    • GCWR: 114,500 pounds (161,000 pounds with armor)
    • Crane: Grove 14,000 pounds at 9 feet
    • Recovery Winch: 60,000 pounds
    • Retrieval System: 25,000 pounds
  • M983A4 Patriot Tractor:
    • GCWR: 109,000 pounds
    • Fifth wheel: 21,000 pounds; 3.5-inch kingpin
  • M983A4 Light Equipment Transporter:
    • GCWR: 151,000 pounds
    • Fifth wheel: 40,000 pounds; 3.5-inch kingpin
    • Recovery Winch: 45,000 pounds


  • FY18-FY20:
  • Continue to produce and field ESP HEMTTS to the Active Army, National Guard, Reserve, and Pre-Positioned Stocks


  • FY21-FY25:
    • Continue to produce ESP HEMTTs through FY23 and field recapitalized ESP HEMTTs through FY25
    • Continue to work with the requirements community and Army G-8 on a modernization strategy and next-generation replacement of the aging HEMTT fleet

Acquisition Lifecycle Phase

Production & Deployment

Foreign Military Sales

Worldwide sales


  • Oshkosh (Oshkosh, WI)