High Mobility Engineer Excavator
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The High Mobility Engineer Excavator Type I (HMEE-I) is a nondevelopmental military vehicle fielded to the Army’s Brigade Combat Teams (BCT) and other selected engineering units. Tasks performed by the HMEE-I and III include repair and improvement of roads, trails, bridges and airfields.

The high mobility of the HMEE-I provides earth-moving machines capable of maintaining pace with the Army’s current combat systems. All HMEE-I will be capable of accepting armor in the form of an armor cab (Crew Protection Kit), are C-130 transportable without armor, and diesel driven. HMEE-I replaces Small Emplacement Excavators in BCT and HMEE-I in Stryker BCT. The HMEE-I is employed in Infantry BCT, Armored BCT, Stryker BCT, Multi-Role Bridge Companies and Engineering Support Companies.

The HMEE-III Backhoe Loader is a Commercial Off-The-Shelf backhoe loader with military modifications to include an armored cab designed for units that are relatively stationary and do not require speed and rapid deployability. The HMEE-III is used by Combat Support Brigades in general construction tasks. It is employed by Horizontal and Vertical Construction Units, and other nonengineering units such as Military Police and Quartermaster Units.


HMEE clears rubble and debris from routes and airfields. It provides survivability positions for critical assets
like communication, control, radar and logistics, and improves ford sites.



  • Maximum speed: 60 mph on improved roads; 25 mph on secondary roads
  • Lift and load: 1.5 cubic yards
  • 13 total attachments


  • Maximum speed: 60 mph on improved roads; 7 mph off roads
  • Weight: approximately 18,700 pounds


FY16-FY18: HMEE-I Fielding


4QFY18: Production contract extension to be awarded
2QFY19: Production contract to be awarded that will field vehicles out through FY24

Foreign Military Sales

  • HMEE-I: Israel and New Zealand
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Direct Sales: Australia, Germany, Sweden, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom


  • HMEE-I OEM: JCB (Pooler, GA)
  • Armor: ADSI (Hicksville, NY); JCB (Pooler, GA)
  • Logistics: XMCO Inc. (Warren, MI)
  • HMEE-III Backhoe Loader OEM: Case New Holland (Racine, WI)
  • Armor: BAE Systems (Columbus, OH)
  • Logistics: XMCO Inc. (Warren, MI)
High Mobility Engineer Excavator (HMEE)