Mine Protection Vehicle Family (MPVF), Mine Clearing Vehicle (MCV), Explosive Hazard Pre-Detonation (EHP)
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Updated: 2022



The Mine Protection Vehicle Family (MPVF) consists of the Medium Mine Protected Vehicle (MMPV) Type I and Type II (RG-31), the Vehicle Mounted Mine Detection (VMMD) Husky System, and the Mine-Protected Clearance Vehicle (MPCV) Buffalo A2. All are blast-protected with a V-shaped hull.

MMPV Type I (Panther) supports explosive ordnance disposal companies, combat engineer units, and chemical biological response teams.

The VMMD Husky, MPCV Buffalo A2, and MMPV Type II (RG-31) support engineer units in Brigade Engineer Battalions and route and area clearance operations. The VMMD is a vehicle-mounted mine-detection and lane-proofing system capable of finding and marking metallic explosive hazards. The MPCV is capable of interrogating and classifying suspected explosive hazards, including improvised explosive devices (IEDs) with its articulating arm and camera, which can remotely interrogate a suspected explosive hazard and allow the crew to confirm, deny, and classify the hazard. The MMPV Type II is a command and control vehicle with various attachments used to detect and neutralize potential explosive hazards.

The Mine Clearing Vehicle (MCV) is a vehicle designed to clear large areas of anti-tank and anti-personnel mines by means of a rotating flail.

Explosive Hazard Pre-detonation (EHP) capabilities will counter the full spectrum of conventional and asymmetric explosive hazards, including surface-laid, buried, and concealed landmines, IEDs, explosively formed penetrators, unexploded ordnance, battlefield munitions, and booby traps, including associated trigger mechanisms.


These systems provide the Warfighter effective, reliable, and affordable blast protection by interrogating and classifying suspected explosive hazards while providing force protection to defeat the full spectrum of worldwide explosive hazards.


  • MCV: 2-person capacity, Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) 42,628 lbs.
  • MMPV Type I: 5-person capacity, GVW 74,000 lbs.
  • MMPV Type II: 4-person capacity, GVW 35,000 lbs.
  • MPCV Buffalo A2: 6-person capacity, GVW 48,500 lbs.
  • VMMD Husky: 1-person capacity, GVW 15,240 lbs.


  • FY18-FY20:
    • Supported 13 separate Operational Needs Statements for MPVF, totaling approximately 335 vehicles/systems
    • Completed RECAP/RESET production at Letterkenny Army Depot (LEAD), PA, for the Husky, Buffalo, MMPV Type I, and MMPV Type II
  • 1QFY19: MMPV Type I Conversion: Completed RECAP RESET
  • 2QFY19:
    • MMPV Type II: Full Materiel Release
    • MMPV Type II Multi-functional Video Display: Type Classification Standard
  • 4QFY19:
    • EHP Blower obtained Full Materiel Release and began Fielding
    • MMPV Type I: Basis of Issue Plan added Engineer Platoon Sergeant Requirement
  • 2QFY20: Buffalo/Husky: Complete RECAP/RESET
  • 3QFY20: MMPV Type I Conversion: Conditional Materiel Release
  • 4QFY20: MMPV Type II: Complete RECAP/RESET


  • 1QFY21:
    • Buffalo/Husky: Complete Fielding
    • MMPV Type I Conversion: Full Materiel Release
    • MMPV Type II: Complete Interrogation Arm Upgrade Activities
    • Buffalo/Husky: Transition to Sustainment
    • MMPV Type II: Transition to Sustainment
  • 2QFY21:
    • EHP Roller: Obtain Full Materiel Release and begin Fielding
    • EHP Blower Complete Fielding
  • 3QFY21:
    • MMPV Type I: Complete Fielding
    • MMPV Type II: Complete Fielding

Acquisition Lifecycle Phase

Production & Deployment

Acquisition Category


Foreign Military Sales

  • MCV: Austria
  • MPCV: United Kingdom
  • VMMD: Australia, Canada, and Kenya


  • EHP Debris Blower: Buffalo Turbine (Springville, NY)
  • EHP Mine Roller: Globe Tech (Plymouth, MI)
  • M1271 MCV: Hydrema (Denmark)
  • MMPV Type I (Panther): BAE Systems (York, PA); RECAP/RESET performed at Letterkenny Army Depot (LEAD), PA
  • MMPV Type II (RG-31): General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada (Canada); RECAP/RESET performed at LEAD, PA
  • MPCV: General Dynamics Land Systems (Sterling Heights, MI); RECAP/RESET performed at LEAD, PA
  • VMMD: Critical Solutions International, Inc. (Charleston, SC); RECAP/RESET performed at LEAD, PA