Palletized Load System (PLS) and PLS Extended Service Program (ESP)
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The Palletized Load System (PLS) A1 is a 5-axle, 10-wheel drive tactical truck with a companion trailer (M1076A1), each with a demountable cargo bed (flat rack). Both the truck and the trailer are capable of carrying up to 36,250 pounds of payload (which includes the weight of the flat rack) on one of several different types of flat racks, containers or modules.

The PLSA1 has an engine with greater capacity than the A0, independent front suspension, and an A-cab/B-kit common with the Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) A4. Additionally, by North Atlantic Treaty Orgainization (NATO) agreement, the PLSA1 shall be able to transport other NATO flat racks up to a payload of 36,250 pounds.

A self-contained hydraulic Load Handling System (LHS) is mounted on the PLSA1 truck chassis. The PLSA1 truck has two mission-oriented configurations: the M1074A1 and M1075A1. The M1074A1 is equipped with a variable reach Material Handling Crane (MHC) to support forward deployed artillery units. The M1075A1 does not have the MHC. It is used in conjunction with the M1076A1 trailer in support of transportation line haul missions.

The PLSA1 truck is used to load and unload M1076A1 PLS trailers. The two principal flat racks are the M1077A1 series flat rack and the M3/M3A1 series flat rack, more commonly known as the Container Roll-In/Roll-Out Platform (CROP). Although these have the same cargo payload capability, the M1077A1’s dimensions are slightly longer and wider than the M3/M3A1, making it ideal to carry 20-foot International Organization for Standardization (ISO) containers or modules. The M3/M3A1 is designed to fit inside of a 20-foot ISO container. The Enhanced Container Handling Unit (E-CHU) enables the M1075A1 to directly load 20-foot ISO containers directly onto the vehicle without the use of a M1077A1 flat rack. The PLS Trailer A1 (M1076A1) complements E-CHU equipped PLSA1s with the ability to receive and secure the 20-foot ISO container from the vehicle.


The PLSA1 assists commanders by enabling more agile, flexible and full-spectrum movement of loaded flat rack/CROP/ISO and other similar sized equipment across the range of military operations throughout the battlefield. The capability to transport critical supplies at highway speeds between ports and forward staging areas will provide ground commanders flexibility to respond to rapidly shifting operations.


Palletized Load System A1 (M1074A1 w/MHC, M1075A1 without MHC):

  • Size: 10×10 (10-wheeled vehicle with 10-wheel drive) truck with integrated LHS
  • Gross Vehicle Weight (A-Kit/B-Kit):
    M1074A1 89,880 pounds/94,910 pounds
    M1075A1 84,500 pounds/89,624 pounds
  • Gross Combination Weight Rating (A-Kit + trailer, B-Kit + trailer):
    M1074A1 + M1076A1 trailer 139,805 pounds/144,835 pounds
    M1075A1 + M1076A1 trailer 134,425 pounds/139,549 pounds
  • Engine: Caterpillar C-15 ACERT Diesel Engine, 600 hp
  • Transmission: Allison HD4500SP (6-speed automatic)
  • LED Headlights
  • Maintenance and serviceability improvements
  • Integrated cab armor protection with scalable armor protection (B-Kit, C-Kit armor protection) for increased survivability (common with the HEMTTA4 cab)
  • Improved heater and air conditioning system
  • TAK-4 independent front suspension with coil springs, which provides improved ride and steering over the base PLS
  • New antilock brakes system with larger brake chambers works in conjunction with a revised central tire inflation system, traction control and driveline lockup systems for improved braking (safety) and off-road performance
  • Maximum speed: 60 mph at gross combined vehicle weight on flat terrain


FY16-FY18: Continue to produce and field Extended Service Program (ESP) PLSs to Active Army, National Guard, Reserve and Preposition Stocks. The PLS ESP/RECAP is a recapitalization program that converts high-mileage, older-version PLS trucks into the current A1 production configuration. Modernizing the fleet to one model reduces the logistics footprint and operational and sustainment costs of maintaining older vehicles.


FY19-FY23: Acquisition courses of action are being reviewed for ongoing modernization alternatives

Foreign Military Sales

Worldwide sales


  • Oshkosh (Oshkosh, WI)