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The base Palletized Load System (PLS), initially fielded in 1994, consists of the PLS truck, PLS trailer and demountable flat racks. The PLS truck, commonly referred to simply as the PLS, is a 10×10 (10-wheel drive) truck with a 16.5-ton capacity that provides the timely delivery of high-tonnage cargo. This could include ammunition, unit equipment, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) containers and shelters, and all classes of supply and weapon systems. The PLS truck is equipped with an integral onboard load handling system that provides self-loading and unloading capability of flat racks, container roll-in and roll-out platforms and 20-foot ISO containers.

There are two PLS truck variants: The basic PLS truck (M1075) and the PLS truck with material handling crane (M1074). The system also includes the PLS trailer (M1076); optional truck-mounted container handling unit for transporting 20-foot ISO containers; the M3/M3A1 container roll-in and roll-out platform; and the M1/M1077A1 flat racks. The PLS trailer also has a payload capacity of 16.5 tons, which matches the payload capacity of the PLS truck.

The new PLSA1 truck model began fielding in 2011. It incorporates independent front suspension, a new Caterpillar C-15 engine, the Allison 4500SP 6-speed transmission, J-1939 data-bus and a cab that is common with the Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck A4 long-term, armor-strategy-compliant cab.

The PLS Extended Service Program (ESP) is a recapitalization program that converts high-mileage base PLS trucks to zero miles and zero hours and to the current A1 production truck configurations. The base PLS trucks are disassembled and rebuilt with improved technology such as an electronically controlled engine, electronic transmission, air ride seats, four-point seatbelts, bolted-together wheels, increased corrosion protection, enhanced electrical package and independent
front suspension.


The PLS supports Soldiers by performing cross country movement of configured loads of supplies on flat racks or in containers, while providing improved survivability.


  • Comprised of flexible conduit, employment and retrieval systems
  • Includes conduit support equipment (valves, couplings and joints), pump stations and a centralized control module
  • Components are packed in International Standards Organization configuration for deployment and are Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck-Load Handling System, Palletized Load System (PLS) and PLS Trailer transportable


To be determined.