Tactical Electric Power (TEP)
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Tactical Electric Power (TEP) provides a standardized family of tactical electric power sources to Department of Defense (DOD) in accordance with DOD Directive 4120.11, Standardization of Mobile Electric Power Generating Sources.

The TEP program consists of a variety of generator set sizes. Small Generators: 2kW Military Tactical Generators (MTG), 3 kW Tactical Quiet Generators (TQG), Small Tactical Electric Power (STEP); Medium Generators: 5, 10, 15, 30 and 60 kW TQGs; Advanced Medium Mobile Power Sources (AMMPS), trailer-mounted Power Units and Power Plants; Large Generators: 100-200 kW TQGs, Large Advanced Mobile Power Sources (LAMPS); 840kW Deployable Power Generation and Distribution System (DPGDS); Power Distribution: Power Distribution Illumination System Electrical (PDISE) and Management and Distribution Control (microgrid intelligent power management and distribution).

The STEP, AMMPS and LAMPS are the third generation of mobile electric power generation systems and will replace the TQG over time.


The next generation of TEP will benefit the warfighter by offering increased system efficiency, reliability, mobility and maintainability. Units will see a significant reduction in fuel consumption, thereby reducing refueling operations, which decreases the overall risk to the warfighter.


  • Maximized fuel efficiency, diesel/JP8-based and eliminates gasoline on battlefield
  • AMMPS offers a fleet-weighted average of 21 percent improved fuel efficiency over the medium TQGs
  • Increased reliability (AMMPS, 750 hours mean time between failures), maintainability and transportability via skid or trailer mount
  • Improved sustainability; operates at rated loads in all military environments
  • Minimized weight and size while meeting all user requirements with military ruggedized commercial components
    Reduced infrared signature and noise (AMMPS, less than 70 decibels at 7 meters)
  • Survivability in chemical, biological and nuclear environments
  • Advanced technology, including digital controls
  • Standard DOD military tactical generator fleet that meets power generation and conditioning standards in accordance with Military Standard 1332B, Definitions of Tactical, Prime, Precise and Utility Terminologies for Classification of the DOD Mobile Electric Power Engine Generator Set Family
  • Man-portability with 2 kW MTG and 3 kW TQG generators


1QFY16-4QFY18: Continued production and/or fielding of the following systems: 2 kW MTG; 3 kW TQG; 5, 10, 15, 30 and 60 kW AMMPS; and PDISE



  • PDISE Production Rebuy Contract Award
  • 3 kW Production Rebuy Contract Award

4QFY20: DPGDS Prime Power Unit Recapitalization Full Rate Production decision
4QFY21: STEP Milestone B, entering Engineering and Manufacturing Development


  • 3kW TQG: Fidelity Technologies Corp. (Reading, PA)
  • AMMPS 5–60kW: Cummins Power Generation (Minneapolis, MN)
  • DPGDS: PD Systems (Springfield, VA)
  • PDISE: Fidelity Technologies Corporation (Reading, PA)
Tactical Electric Power (TEP)
Tactical Electric Power (TEP)