The GCSS-A transition
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Updated: 2022



Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS-Army) is one program with two components. The first component, GCSS-Army Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution, is an automated information system that serves as the primary tactical logistics enabler supporting Army and joint transformation for sustainment. The program re-engineers current business processes to achieve end-to-end logistics and integration with applicable command and control (C2) and joint systems. The second component, Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program (AESIP) Hub, integrates Army business functions by providing a single source for enterprise hub services, master data, and business intelligence. GCSS-Army uses commercial off-the-shelf ERP software products to support rapid force projection in the battlefield functional areas of arming, fixing, fueling, sustaining, and tactical logistics financial processes.

The existing GCSS-Army Increment 1 baseline modernized functional services in the business enterprise warfighting mission area focused on property book, supply operations, tactical maintenance, logistics management, and associated tactical finance functionality. Increment 2 will provide the Army with modernized logistics and financial capabilities, master data management, Enterprise Aviation (EAVN) Maintenance and Logistics, and Army Pre-Positioned Stock functional capabilities in the Army Enterprise. GCSS-Army Increment 2 will increase the number of active users from approximately 67,500 to approximately 120,000. It will also provide the Army Warfighter with a seamless flow of timely, accurate, accessible, and secure management information that gives combat forces a decisive edge. 


GCSS-Army will meet the Soldier’s need for responsive support at the right place and time, and improve the commander’s situational awareness with accurate and responsive information. Now fully deployed, GCSS-Army Increment 1 improves every supply room, motor pool, direct-support repair shop, warehouse, and property book office in the Army, improving efficiency and visibility for users and enabling the Army to be financially auditable. GCSS-Army Increment 2 will give timely and accurate visibility and accountability of materiel across the Army Logistics enterprise.


  • Replaces five logistics Standard Army Management Information Systems in tactical units and will establish an interface/integration with applicable C2 and joint systems
  • Serves as the primary enabler to satisfy the Army’s vision of a technologically advanced ERP that manages the flow of logistics, resources, and information to meet the Army’s modernization requirements
  • AESIP integrates Army business functions by providing a single source for enterprise hub services, business intelligence and analytics, and centralized master data management across the business domain
  • GCSS-Army EAVN integrates the Aircraft Notebook (ACN) data with GCSS-Army via a middleware interface. This capability will populate completed Aviation transactional data in GCSS-Army from the ACN.
  • GCSS-Army Business Intelligence/Business Warehouse provides critical reports to units in the areas of tactical warehouse management, property accountability, unit supply, ground and aviation maintenance, and tactical finance


  • FY16–FY20: Total number of users trained is more than 140,000
  • 2QFY18: Increment 1 transitioned into Sustainment
  • 1QFY19–2QFY20: Transitioned Sustainment of GCSS-Army baseline from the contractor lead system integrator to the government
  • 1QFY20: GCSS-Army Aviation Logistics Wave 1 (EAVN) Release 1A and 1B placed into production and transitioned sustainment to Army Shared Services Center


  • FY19–FY22: Incorporate Enterprise Aviation, enhanced Business Intelligence/Business Warehouse, and Army Prepositioned Stock capabilities into baseline (Increment 2)
  • FY20–FY23: Incorporate Aviation data from the ACN into GCSS-Army through five Capability Drops
  • FY21–FY22: Incorporate disconnected operations capability with improved user experience
  • FY20–FY21, FY22–FY23: GCSS-Army Increment 2 will train and field multiple releases to all Army Aviation units across all three components

Acquisition Life Cycle Phase

Engineering & Manufacturing Development
Production & Deployment
Operations & Support


4M Research (Huntsville, AL)
InSAP (Marlton, NJ)
LMI (Tysons Corner, VA)