Provides distributed intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) planning, management, control and tasking; multi-intelligence fusion; and robust joint, allied, and coalition forces interoperability to enhance Soldier situational awareness, provide analysts with all-source intelligence and improve commanders’ ability to destroy the enemy and protect the force.


The Distributed Common Ground System–Army (DCGS-A) enables unprecedented timely, relevant and accurate targetable data to the warfighter. DCGS-A supports the Army’s Unified Mission Command System and provides access to information and intelligence to support battlefield visualization and ISR management in accordance with the Army Common Operating Environment. It provides information discovery, collaboration, production and dissemination to commanders and staffs globally.

DCGS-A assumes lifecycle management responsibility and consolidates or replaces the operational capabilities provided by several post-Milestone C programs of record and fielded quick reaction capabilities. The Army fields DCGS-A capability on various hardware (HW) platforms using a consolidated software baseline. HW platforms range from single laptops to multiserver, transportable configurations able to process and store the enormous volumes of data that DCGS-A must manage. DCGS-A’s modular, open systems architecture allows rapid adaptation to changing circumstances and the ability to have and collect intelligence while on the move.

DCGS-A supports three primary roles: DCGS-A enables the user to collaborate, synchronize, and integrate organic and nonorganic direct and general-support collection elements with operations; DCGS-A can discover and use all relevant threat, noncombatant, weather, geospatial, and space data and evaluate technical data and information on behalf of a commander; and DCGS-A provides organizational elements the ability to control select sensor platforms and payloads and process the collected data. Ultimately, DCGS-A provides information that allows commanders to identify, track, capture and stop enemy forces.

DCGS-A leverages commercial products from both large and small businesses creating a level playing field for industry through an open architecture design.

System Interdependencies

Program Status

  • 3QFY06: DCGS-A Increment 1 Milestone B
  • 1QFY07: Funds first obligated
  • 1QFY13: DCGS-A Increment 1 full deployment decision

Projected Activities

  • FY15: Increment 1, release 2 fielding decision
  • FY16: Increment 2 request for proposals
  • FY16: Increment 2 contract award
  • FY19: Increment 2 fielding

Foreign Military Sales



  • BAE (CA)
  • Booz Allen Hamilton (MD)
  • Cisco (NC)
  • Cloudera (CA)
  • Cogility (CA)
  • CSC (MD)
  • Data Tactics (VA)
  • Dell (TX)
  • Digital Reasoning (TN)
  • EMC2 (VA)
  • Esri (CA)
  • ESRI, Inc. (CA)
  • General Dynamics (MA)
  • IBM (MD)
  • Informatica (CA)
  • L3 Comm (AZ)
  • Leidos (VA)
  • Lockheed Martin (NJ and CO)
  • MANTECH (MD and TX)
  • Microsoft (WA)
  • Millennium Corp (VA)
  • NetApp (CA)
  • Oracle (CA)
  • Overwatch (TX)
  • Pixia (VA)
  • Potomac Fusion (TX)
  • Redhat (NC)
  • Ringtail Design (TX)
  • Tucson Embedded Systems (AZ)
  • Viatech (MD)
  • Vistronix (VA)
  • Vmware (CA)