Electronic Warfare Planning and Management Tool
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Updated: 2022



Electronic Warfare Planning and Management Tool (EWPMT) is the Commander’s tool to control, manage, and dominate the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS). EWPMT will provide the ability to conduct remote control and management of Electronic Warfare (EW) assets to execute offensive and defensive Electronic Attack, EW targeting, and enable maneuver by synchronizing EW and Spectrum Management Operations across Intelligence, Operations, and Signals to successfully execute Multi-Domain Operations.

This program also supports the Assured-Position, Navigation, and Timing and Network Cross-Functional Team that has been established to support the Army’s Modernization priorities.


EWPMT allows the Soldier to sense the EMS and provide actionable information to the Commander. With a window to the sensors on the battlefield, EWPMT provides the Warfighter information for analysis and feeds real-time actionable intelligence to develop the Commander’s common operating picture. It helps evaluate the enemy’s most likely course of action as well as identify the friendly digital footprint for operations planning.


Each successive Capability Drop (CD) builds out additional capability on top of the existing EWPMT software baseline.

  • CD1: Foundational (EW Planning, EW Targeting)
  • CD2: Foundational (Spectrum Management, Enhanced Modeling and Simulation)
  • Quick Reaction Capability (QRC): EWPMT Raven Claw (Urgent Operational Need)
  • CD3: Disconnected, Intermittent, and Latent, direct connect control of EW Assets, Converged QRC
  • CD4: EW Effectiveness, Enhanced Targeting, Remote Control and Management of assets, Battle Damage Assessment, and Command Post
  • Computing Environment (CPCE) Convergence


  • FY19: EWPMT CD4 Task Order Award
  • FY19–Present: Quarterly User Verification Events/Soldier Touch Points
  • FY20: EWPMT Increment 1 integration/convergence with CPCE


  • FY21: EWPMT Increment 1 Initial Operational Test and Evaluation
  • FY22: EWPMT Increment 1 Full Deployment Decision

FY23: EWPMT Fielding Active Component (COMPO) 1

Acquisition Life Cycle Phase

Engineering & Manufacturing Development


Raytheon Corporation (Fort Wayne, IN)