Electronic Warfare Planning and Management Tool
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Provide a suite of software tools and applications by delivering six capability drops (CD) that enhance the maneuver commander’s cyber-electromagnetic activities (CEMA) element’s ability to plan, coordinate and synchronize electronic warfare (EW), spectrum management (SM), and Cyber operations (CO) across the 2/3/6 staff sections.


The Electronic Warfare Planning and Management Tool (EWPMT) provides the initial integrated Electronic Warfare System (IEWS) capability by coordinating and synchronizing operations across the 2/3/6 staff sections within the command post from Army battalions to the joint task force level. EWPMT is the command and control component of IEWS and allows the maneuver commander the ability to seize, retain, and exploit the advantage within the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) by enabling Multi-Function Electronic Warfare and Defensive Electronic Attack synchronization.

EWPMT supports the commander’s military decision-making process by providing the EWO with EW mission planning, EW targeting and robust modeling and simulation capabilities to support course of action development. Additionally, EWPMT adds the electromagnetic order of battle (EOB), deconflicts EW and communications assets, and visualizes or displays the electromagnetic operational environment.

Future EWPMT CDs will address emerging and evolving requirements for spectrum management and Cyber situational awareness. This will ensure that its users and the elements they support can achieve the commander’s desire for cyber, EW, and electromagnetic spectrum dominance.

System Interdependencies

  • Command Post Computing Environment
  • Multi-Function Electronic Warfare
  • Defensive Electronic Attack
  • Cyber Situational Awareness



  • Raytheon Corporation (Fort Wayne, IN)


  • Excelis (Bowie, MD)