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The latest version of Prophet, called Prophet Enhanced, is a dedicated all-weather, 24-hour, near-real-time, ground-based tactical Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Electronic Warfare (EW) system providing force protection and situational awareness through technologically advanced intelligence support to Brigade Combat Team (BCT) and Expeditionary – Military Intelligence Brigade (E-MIB) commanders. One Prophet system is fielded to the multifunctional teams (MfT) with three MfTs per BCT and eight MfTs per E-MIB. Prophet Enhanced systems provide commanders flexible, modular components for their mission.

Prophet Enhanced is a non-platform-dependent, modular system that will allow easy integration onto a vehicle. Each sensor supports stationary, dismounted, on-the-move (mobile) and manpack operations. Prophet’s mobility and modularity allows supported units to easily reposition its collection capability based on evolving tactical situations.

Prophet Enhanced has networked communications via a wide-band, beyond-line-of-sight capability. This capability allows the vehicles to operate at extended distances from each other or from other nodes on the battlefield. Prophet Enhanced is fielded as a two-vehicle solution with a common server, processing architecture, encryption devices, etc., in both vehicles; each vehicle supports operations on three classification networks and domains.

Prophet Enhanced is interoperable on the Global SIGINT Enterprise, delivering collected data to common databases for access by the intelligence community.


Prophet Enhanced provides the warfighter with critical situational awareness on the availability and synergy of objective intelligence data access and processing. It also provides high-value targeting through precision geolocation. Prophet Enhanced mobility and multimode employment (dismounted, mounted on-the-move and manpack) enables the commander flexibility in a dynamic threat environment.





  • Developed a Stryker-based Prophet Enhanced System for fielding in FY19
  • Engaged in numerous risk reduction efforts to inform the next generation
  • Terrestrial SIGINT and EW system
  • Pace the threat with yearly technology insertions



  • Continue modification of Prophet Enhanced systems to the current baseline on Mine Resistant Ambush Protected All Terrain Vehicles (99 total)
  • Continue to displace Spiral 1 and Spiral 1+ systems from the Active Army to the Army National Guard and United States Army Reserve


  • General Dynamics Mission Systems (Scottsdale, AZ)