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The Infantry Squad Vehicle is a new, lightweight, all-terrain troop carrier designed to modernize Army Infantry Brigade Combat Teams.  It is based on the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 architecture, deriving 90 percent of its parts from commercial-off-the-shelf components.

The ISV program provides Army Infantry Brigade Combat Teams an additive lightweight vehicle to move Soldiers and their equipment quickly over complex and difficult cross-country terrain. ISV is the Program of Record (PoR) intended to provide Ground Mobility Vehicle capabilities for the Army.

Based on the current funding profile and fielding schedule, the Army will field ISVs to 11 Infantry Brigade Combat Teams for a total of 649 ISVs by FY25 (Army Procurement Objective.)


ISVs provide greater mobility to Infantry Brigade Combat Teams. They are designed to move across restrictive terrain, allowing Soldiers to close on an objective with less fatigue and greater readiness. The Army can deliver the vehicle to the field by airdrop or helicopter, increasing the flexibility of Soldiers on the move.


ISV’s basic operational capabilities include:

  • Nine-man squad carrying capability
  • Payload of 3,200 lbs.
  • External sling load by a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter
  • Internal load/external lift by CH-47 Chinook helicopter
  • Low-velocity air drop by fixed-wing C-130 or C-17 transport aircraft
  • Exceptional mobility over all terrains


Production contract awarded 26 June 2020


Later in Calendar Year 2020, the Army will hold tailored Production Qualification Testing (PQT) to address the vehicles’ ability to meet the performance specification in areas not previously tested and build confidence in areas already tested. The ISV will also undergo Transportability certification which includes Low Velocity Air Drop and helicopter sling load.

In CY 21, the Army will hold an Initial Operational Test and Evaluation.

Delivery to Soldiers is scheduled to begin in FY21.