Installation Information Infrastructure Modernization Program (I3MP)
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The Installation Information Infrastructure Modernization Program (I3MP) provides core infrastructure to include system and technical facilities, protected distribution systems and site preparation for other support equipment. Critical capabilities provided by I3MP include:

Modernized outside plant and fiber-optic infrastructure to support strategic network communications, enabling implementation of upgrades to the Army network and facilitating information dominance to the Army warfighter
Foundational Installation Capability Sets that include data network, outside plant and voice network modernization that support implementation of other Product Manager I3MP capabilities
Upgraded Network Enterprise Center managed ethernet switches on all Army bases, posts, camps and stations
Modernized and optimized Army circuits and voice systems, and decommission legacy voice systems
Life cycle replacement of existing multimedia, transport and network management systems, upgrades existing operational transport systems, and supports expansion of existing transport systems, fiber optic cable and network management systems


I3MP enables the warfighter through information technology, infrastructure modernization and life cycle management of the Army’s worldwide Installation Campus Area (voice, video and data) Networks (ICAN). The program standardizes Army installation network architectures, increases network bandwidth/throughput, flattens the network and increases network security.


Designs are applicable to the specific site per the site’s requirements.


Current: I3MP has more than 75 current contracting actions affecting most of the Army’s bases, posts, camps and stations, each of which has some form of ICAN for communications
FY18: Base Other Procurement, Army funding line for I3MP was in the $142 million range



  • Complete/initiate installation infrastructure modernization, switch modernization, enhanced voice capability and circuit optimization projects at selected Continental United States and Outside of the Continental United States Army bases, posts, camps and stations
  • Support relocation of United States Forces Korea and 8th Army to Camp Humphries Upgrade and modernize ICAN throughout Southwest Asia, Europe and Pacific


  • AT&T (Dallas, TX)
  • Vision Ability Execution, Inc. (Reston, VA)
  • General Dynamics (Falls Church, VA)
  • Siemens (Washington, DC)