Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army (IPPS-A)
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The Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army (IPPS-A), an online Human Resources (HR) PeopleSoft (9.2) solution, is the vehicle that will allow the Army to transform from an industrial age personnel system to a 21st Century talent management system. IPPS-A integrates personnel and pay while providing three main capabilities: Total Force Visibility, Talent Management and Auditability.


IPPS-A is easy to use – it automates numerous manual HR and pay processes, allows mobile access to personal pay and HR data, tracks personnel actions from start to finish (approved changes reflect in pay and personal profile immediately), captures talent within units, shows unit readiness and captures all actions in one place. IPPS-A is auditable and reduces errors affecting Soldiers.


  • Online comprehensive personnel and pay system
  • Provides near real-time 24/7 self-service capabilities
  • Accessible to Soldiers, commanders and HR Professionals
  • Provides complete visibility of the Total Force in one HR system
  • Enables the Army to manage the talents of the Total Force based on Soldiers’ knowledge, skills and behaviors
  • Provides audit capability for pay and benefits to ensure the best use of Army dollars to employ human capital


1QFY19: Increment II Release 2 System Acceptance Test
2QFY19: Increment II Release 2 Limited User Test
3QFY19: Increment II Release 2 Limited Deployment Authority to Proceed (ATP)


2QFY19 – 2QFY20: Increment II Release 2 Fielding to ARNG
3QFY19 – Increment II Release 3 Preliminary Design Review
1QFY20 – Increment II Release 3 Critical Design Review


  • CACI (Chantilly, VA)