Lightweight Laser Designator Rangefinder (LLDR) AN/PED-1 and AN/PED-1A
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Lightweight Laser Designator Rangefinder (LLDR) is a crew-served, long-range modular system designed for man-portable, day-and-night and all-weather use. Warfighters use the LLDR to acquire, precisely locate and engage targets with precisions using Global Position System (GPS)-guided and laser-guided munitions, and improve the effectiveness of engagement with unguided munitions.

LLDR 2H (AN/PED-1B) integrates a celestial navigation system with a digital magnetic compass, providing highly accurate target coordinates to allow the Soldier to call for fire with precision GPS-guided munitions. A Modification of In-Service Equipment program is ongoing that retrofits fielded LLDR 1 and 2 systems with the LLDR 2H precision targeting capability.

LLDR 3 is currently in development with a contract award anticipated for Fiscal Year 2018. LLDR 3 will significantly increase range performance over prior variants while also integrating Precision Azimuth Vertical Angle Module technology which will provide a 24/7 all-weather precision targeting capability.


Planned improvements to the system will provide 24/7 all-weather precision targeting and increased target-acquisition range, and support mounted operations to increase warfighter effectiveness.


Target Designation:

  • Moving, day: Greater than or equal to 3 km (threshold) and 5 km (objective)
  • Moving, night: Greater than or equal to 3 km (threshold) and 5 km (objective)
  • Stationary, day: Greater than or equal to 5 km (threshold) and 10 km (objective)
  • Stationary, night: Greater than or equal to 4 km (threshold) and 5 km (objective)
  • Target Location Error: Less than or equal to 10 m at 4 km (threshold) and 10 km (objective)
  • Total System Weight: Less than 35 pounds



  • Award of LLDR 3 Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity 10-year contract
  • Capability Production Document approved


4QFY19: Complete LLDR 2H Retrofit effort (1,279 total 2H systems fielded)
4QFY21: First Unit Equipped with LLDR 3 systems


  • LLDR 1, 2, 2H: Northrop Grumman (Apopka, FL)
  • LLDR 3: To be determined.