Lightweight 155 mm Howitzer System (LW155)
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The Lightweight 155 mm Howitzer (LW155) provides direct, reinforcing and general artillery fire support to maneuver forces. The M777 is a 155 mm towed Howitzer that was jointly developed by the Army and Marine Corps to replace the M198 Howitzer. The extensive use of titanium in all of its major structures makes the M777 7,000 pounds lighter than its predecessor with no sacrifice in range, stability, accuracy or mobility. The M777’s independent suspension, smaller footprint and lower profile increase strategic deployability and tactical mobility. The system utilizes numerous improvements to enhance reliability and accuracy and to significantly increase system survivability.

The M777A2 variant is equipped with a Digital Fire Control System (DFCS) that includes an inertial navigation unit with Global Positioning System backup, allowing it to self-locate. The DFCS also includes a mission computer, displays and digital communications. Software upgrades to the system have incorporated the Enhanced Portable Inductive Artillery Fuze Setter (EPIAFS), giving the M777A2 the capability to program and fire the 155 mm Excalibur and Precision Guidance Kit precision munitions.


The LW155 offers the warfighter improved survivability, lethality, deployability and mobility to counter threat forces.


  • Weight: 10,000 pounds
  • Emplace: Less than three minutes
  • Displace: Less than three minutes
  • Maximum range: 30 km (rocket assisted round)
  • Rate-of-fire: Up to four rounds per minute
  • Ground mobility: Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles, Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement and 5-ton trucks
  • Air mobility: CH-53D/E, CH-47D, MV-22, C-130, C-17 and C-5
  • 155 mm compatibility: All fielded and developmental North Atlantic Treaty Organization munitions
  • Digital and optical fire control: self-locating and pointing, digital and voice communications, and self-contained power supply



  • Awarded contract options and award terms for Long-Term Performance-Based Sustainment
  • Continued Tri-Lateral Sustainment discussions with Foreign Military Sales (FMS) customers Australia and Canada
  • Continue Infantry Brigade Combat Team fielding
  • Commence Digital Fire Control – Refresh initiative



  • Production and Retrofit of Chrome Cannon Tube
  • Rapid Capabilities Office Long Range Cannon Program Assessment
  • DFCS refresh and modernization
  • India FMS Production (145 howitzers)
  • U.S. Army Production (18 howitzers)
  • Fielding of training devices
  • Support FMS customers Australia and Canada

Foreign Military Sales

Australia, Canada and India


  • BAE Systems (United Kingdom)