One Semi-Automated Force (OneSAF)
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One Semi-Automated Force (OneSAF) is a computer-generated forces simulation that provides entity-level models and behaviors that are both semi-automated and fully automated applications designed to achieve Army readiness. As a cross-domain simulation, OneSAF supports the training, test and evaluation, analysis, intelligence, acquisition and experimentation communities by providing the latest physics-based modeling and data, enhanced data collection, and reporting capabilities. OneSAF models real-world representations of platforms, Soldiers, equipment, logistical supplies, communications systems and networks, emerging threats and aviation assets to achieve the level of fidelity required for a particular application or scenario.

OneSAF was created to be uniquely capable of simulating aspects of the urban operating environment and its effects on simulated activities and behaviors. OneSAF is unique in its ability to model unit behaviors from fire team to company level for all units in both combat and noncombat operations. Intelligent, doctrinally correct behaviors and a range of constructive, gaming and virtually based user interfaces are provided to increase the span of control for workstation operators.


OneSAF provides a transparent training environment for today’s commanders and their battle staffs by utilizing current Mission Command Systems, and eliminates the need for multiple simulation tools across analysis, experimentation, test and evaluation, training, intelligence and acquisition modeling and simulation communities.


  • Software-only program
  • Uses controlled unclassified information
  • Computer-generated forces simulation
  • Standards-based architecture



  • Network Integration Event (NIE) 17.2 Technical Integration Event (TIE) support
  • Draft Request For Proposal (RFP) Released for Software Production Lot III
  • v8.7 U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Project Office Assessment complete

3QFY16-1QFY17: Entity Simulation Service/Multi-Resolution Federation V8.1 TIE and Validation event


  • NIE event support
  • v8.7 release
  • Battle Laboratory Collaborative Simulation Environment (BLCSE)
  • Unified Challenge (UC) FY17 event support

1QFY18: RFP released for OneSAF Production and Support contract


  • BLCSE UC FY18 Event
  • v8.8 release


FY19: Joint Warfighter Assessment 19 support


  • NIE 18.2
  • OneSAF Production and Support Contract Award

4QFY19: v8.9 release
FY19-FY20: OneSAF Entity Simulation Service/Joint Land Component Constructive Training Capability v8.1 fielding
FY20: v9.0 release
FY21: v10.0 release
FY22: v11.0 release
FY23: v12.0 release

Foreign Military Sales

Canada, Czech Republic, Egypt, Israel, Singapore, Slovakia and United Kingdom


  • Integration, Interoperability and Support (I2S): Cole Engineering Services, Inc. (Orlando, FL)
  • Software Production: Leidos, Inc. (Orlando, FL)