Coming Soon: New application designed to assist military contracting professionals

By November 5, 2013June 8th, 2014Contracting
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By Larry McCaskill


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — According to Army Contracting Command officials, a new “go to” site will essentially eliminate the need to consult multiple resources on the web for contracting tools and information.

“The Mapping Acquisition and Procurement Process (MAP) application is web-enabled with a stand-alone capability,” said Lisle Lennon, Policy Division ACC Operations Group. “This initiative maps the entire contracting process while managing team expectations of all stakeholders.

“The application will provide a structured roadmap of the contracting process enabling inexperienced practitioners to access information on their own. It will be a collaboration site for the centralized dissemination and storage of regulations, policies, tools, and templates, and contain links for training materials and other resources such as news articles.”

Lennon said the application’s primary purpose is to be a ready resource for the total acquisition team and its stakeholders.

“There is consistent focus on moving this forward with the first modules into production to go live in early fiscal year 2014,” Lennon said.

An around-the-clock source, the application is designed to assist the user by blending the “how to do it” with the “have to do it and here is how.”

Lennon said the MAP application is regulation-reinforced, outcome-oriented, and process-based with a robust search/research tool. It will reside on the operations group SharePoint site and provide end-to-end contracting solutions for the entire acquisition team. SharePoint is accessible to those with a Department of Defense common access card and user privilege is determined by authorized permissions.

In addition, Lennon said the application will capture lessons learned and best practices across the entire command and leverage current resources and information-sharing efforts, to include forums to connect with seasoned contracting professionals on questions and issues.

Access AL&T Editor’s note: Army Contracting Command officials expect the application to launch early next year.