Air Warrior (AW)
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Air Warrior (AW) is a modular, integrated, rapidly reconfigurable combat aircrew ensemble that saves lives and maximizes Army aircrew mission performance. Previous aviation life-support equipment consisted of a nonintegrated assemblage of protective and survival gear. AW uses a systems approach to equip the aircrew and close the capability gap between human and machine. Fielded incrementally in blocks to rapidly provide enhanced capabilities to the warfighter, AW leverages and integrates clothing and equipment, such as the Army Aircrew Combat Uniform and ballistic protection from other product managers.


AW provides enhanced mission effectiveness, leveraging clothing and equipment to maximize aircrew member survivability.

Foreign Military Sales

Australia, Bahrain, Canada and United Arab Emirates


Government is the prime integrator with various vendors providing components:

  • Telephonics Corp. (Farmingdale, NY)
  • Carleton Technologies, Inc. (Orchard Park, NY)
  • Raytheon Technical Services (Indianapolis, IN)
  • Communications & Ear Protection (CEP), Inc. (Enterprise, AL)
  • Science and Engineering Services, Inc. (SESI) (Huntsville, AL)
  • Gibson & Barnes (Santa Clara, CA)
  • Gentex Corp. (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)