Chemical Biological Protective Shelter (CBPS) — M8E1
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The Chemical Biological Protective Shelter (CBPS) is a mobile, self-contained, rapidly deployable, chemically and biologically protected shelter system that provides a contamination-free, environmentally controlled medical treatment area. The CBPS is intended to be fielded to the Army, Army Reserves and Army National Guard.


The CBPS provides medical treatment teams and squads, consisting of four medical personnel, with a contamination-free and environmentally controlled medical treatment area to treat up to eight litter and ambulatory patients without the encumbrance of individual protective clothing and equipment. The CBPS is capable of being transported by ground, rail, sea or air.


  • Rigid Wall Shelter
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system
  • Nuclear, biological and chemical filtration system
  • Onboard primary and auxiliary electric power sources
  • Deployable chemical biological protective fabric shelter
    with ambulatory and litter airlocks
  • Utilizes a Model M1085 Medium Tactical Vehicle to move
    the CBPS system as well as the medical treatment
    team’s equipment


FY16-FY18: Produced CBPS units on existing contract
4QFY17: Pine Bluff Arsenal successful First Article Test; completed Technical Manual Validation and Verification
2QFY18: Received Type Classification-Standard and Full Materiel Release decision for 253 M8E1 units; executed initial fielding of M8E1 variant with 11 units fielded to the Republic of Korea


1QFY19: Follow-On Materiel Release for remaining M8E1 units
FY19-FY23: Production of CBPS units towards completion of Army Acquisition Objective


  • Pine Bluff Arsenal (Pine Bluff, AR)