Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (MC4)
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Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (MC4) is a ruggedized system-of-systems containing medical software packages fielded to operational medical forces worldwide, providing the tools to digitally record and transfer critical medical data from point of injury to medical treatment facilities worldwide. MC4 relies on software developers such as the Program Executive Office Defense Healthcare Management System (PEO DHMS) to provide global software databases to store data generated by the MC4 system, providing medical situational awareness for operational commanders and patient record visibility to medical staffs worldwide. PEO DHMS currently furnishes Theater Medical Information Program-Joint (TMIP-J) software to MC4 for deployment to operational units.


MC4 systems provide continuity of care from point of injury through roles of care and enable a comprehensive lifelong electronic health record (EHR) for Soldiers resulting in better informed health care providers and easier access to Veterans Affairs medical benefits. MC4 also provides commanders at all levels timely medical situational awareness and unit personnel health status.


TMIP-J applications include:

  • In and out patient
  • Point-of-injury
  • Class VIII (Medical) Logistics
  • Blood Inventory Management
  • Patient Movement and Tracking
  • Medical Surveillance and Situational Awareness


1QFY18: Supported Hurricane Maria relief efforts in Puerto Rico
2QFY18: MC4 v2.3 systems upgrades in 33 countries, 32 states and two U.S. Territories. Systems upgraded: ~2,400

  • Formal New Equipment Training: ~1,800 Soldiers trained
  • Over-the-Shoulder Training: ~4200
  • Distributed Learning: 370 active students

4QFY18: Windows 10 migration



  • Complete Phase I and II of v2.3 deployment
  • Realign focus to Point-of-Injury solution to address Chief of Staff of the Army’s guidance


CACI (Arlington, VA)