Joint Effects Targeting System (JETS) Target Location Designation System (TLDS)
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Updated: 2022



The Joint Effects Targeting System (JETS) Target Location Designation System (TLDS) is an Army-led, joint-information program with the Air Force and Marine Corps to develop and field a one-man-portable, handheld capability to rapidly acquire, precisely locate, accurately engage targets with precision-guided munitions, and improve the effectiveness of engagement with unguided munitions.


JETS TLDS addresses a high-priority capability gap for a lightweight, highly accurate targeting system that allows a single Soldier to engage targets with precision munitions (e.g., Joint Direct Attack Munition, Excalibur, and laser-guided weapons). It also provides the Warfighter with crucial digital connectivity to request and control indirect fires and close air support from all joint assets. JETS allows small units supported by Army forward observers or Joint Tactical Area Communications Systems to have access to precision targeting in all operational environments.


  • System weight: Handheld target locator module weighs less than 5.5 pounds (threshold) and 3 pounds (objective); system weight less than or equal to 17 pounds
  • Target Location Error: Less than or equal to 10 meters at 2.5 km (threshold) and 5 meters at 5 km (objective)


  • 4QFY20: First Unit Equipped


  • 4QFY20: Materiel Release
  • 4QFY21: Full Rate Production Decision

Acquisition Lifecycle Phase

Production & Deployment


  • Leonardo DRS (Melbourne, FL)