Proponency and Leader Development (PLD)

Vision and Mission

We provide first-class, managerial support to assigned Program Executive Officers (PEO) and Acquisition Commands supporting program structure requirements. Utilizing the Acquisition Workbook Analysis Readiness Evaluation (AWARE) system, Force Structure and Manpower Division (FSM) facilitates the Centrally Selected List (CSL) Review to include program disestablishments/establishments. We also provide analysis of transition/concept plans, and management of CSL name changes and charters in accordance with Department of Army (DA) policies and regulations.  Furthermore, we provide analytical and administrative support to the Military Acquisition Position List (MAPL) utilizing the web-based MAPL software system.

Our vision is seamless coordination, synchronization and support to the acquisition workforce members and to the PEOs, Direct Reporting Program Managers (DRPM), Defense agencies, and other strategic partners. Our goal is to be recognized by our customers throughout the Army as the resource for all matters pertaining to the CSL and administrative support to the MAPL.

Our mission is to provide world-class support to the senior Army acquisition leadership and the acquisition community by:

  • Developing policy and communicating real-time information.
  • Analyzing and resourcing manpower and force structure requirements.
  • Streamlining, managing and overseeing command support process that ensures the Army selects expert acquisition leaders.
  • Developing applications to support functional needs (AWARE & MAPL).
  • Providing essential customer support information.

Support the Army Acquisition Executive (AAE) and the Principal Military Deputy (PMILDEP) decision making.

Military Acquisition Position List (MAPL) Review and Web-based System

The MAPL is a process to validate, prioritize and document military acquisition positions with the Career Acquisition Personnel and Position Management Information System (CAPPMIS) and Total Officer Personnel Management Information System (TOPMIS). The MAPL requires all PEOs, DRPMs, Defense agencies, and other strategic partners with active military acquisition officer authorizations (Functional Area 51s) review/provide their position requirements.
The MAPL Review process is chaired by the PMILDEP with attendance from the strategic partners. SAAL-ZR (Plans, Programs, and Resources) is the Lead with U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center (USAASC) providing a support role.

Prior to the MAPL Review, SAAL-ZR and USAASC/FSM, review all military acquisition officers’ positions, validating the need for such officer, and provides the PMILDEP a recommended 1 to N list of all acquisition military officers’ positions. Once the MAPL is approved by the PMILDEP, USAASC/FSM creates a MAPL number and then disseminates to Human Resources Command (HRC)/Acquisition Management Branch (AMB) for top loading into TOPMIS.

The MAPL web-based system:

  • Provides accurate and timely data on acquisition personnel assets.
  • Provides standard data for analysis and reports.
  • Includes a virtual Board voting module.
  • Ensures the most efficient use of human resources in the conduct of the military acquisition mission including support to the war fighter.
  • Ensures visibility and accountability of military acquisition personnel to authorized users.
  • Enhances the ability to put the right person in the right place as quickly as possible (including acquisition and retention as well as assignment and deployment).
  • Facilitates Quarterly MAPL reviews

Point of Contact:

MAPL: Mr. Randall Williams
703-805-4363 or DSN 655-4363

Acquisition Workbook Analysis and Readiness Evaluation (AWARE)

The CSL Review is conducted annually for CSL positions two fiscal years out by the PMILDEP. For example, the CSL positions rotating out in fiscal year 2011 will be reviewed at the CSL review in 2009. During the review the PMILDEP reviews and makes decisions on revalidating, establishing, disestablishing, downgrading, upgrading, merging, or any other changes to CSL Project/Product Managers (PMs) and Acquisition Director Key Billets. Other areas of consideration include, but are not limited to, special qualifications and the need for a military officer versus best qualified (military or civilian) slate. The AAE is the final approval for all actions decided during the CSL review.

Method of Review: Prior to this review, USAASC provides an analysis based on a criteria matrix. During the review each year, a senior-level representative from each organization has the opportunity to defend each existing CSL as well as propose new-start CSL positions for that fiscal year under review. The PMILDEP makes decisions on each program and these decisions are documented in the CSL Memorandum signed by the AAE.

Input of Data: Currently, the CSL Review uses a web-based system, the AWARE, for all PEOs, DRPMs, Defense agencies, and other strategic partners to input data regarding their CSL programs. This database eliminates the use of paper and allows for changes to submissions to be made quickly and easily. Once the organizations complete their actions, the programs are electronically released to the USAASC for thorough review and analysis.

USAASC Force Structure and Manpower (FSM) Role: FSM administers the AWARE system and manages the process of collecting data and coordinating all logistical aspects of the CSL Review. In addition, FSM analyzes the data and provides recommendations to the PMILDEP prior to the CSL Review.

Point of Contact:

CSL: Sandy Brock
703-805-2992 or DSN 655-2992


The references listed can all be found on the Army Publishing Directorate website. The link to the APD Homepage is below.

  • Establishment of Project/Product Manager Centrally Selected List Positions; DA PAM 70-3
  • Disestablishment of Project/Product Management Offices; DA PAM 70-3
  • Termination of a Program; DA PAM 70-3
  • Establishing Program/Project/Product Management Offices (PMOs); DA PAM 70-3

Army Publishing Directorate

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