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Latest Magazine Articles

Army AL&T Summer issue

New Army AL&T magazine explores how the Army handles data from the foxhole to the Pentagon

| Army ALT Magazine | No Comments

By Michael Bold FORT BELVOIR, Va. (June 25, 2019)—A modern army marches not on its stomach but on its data, Dr. Bruce D. Jette, the Army acquisition executive, writes in…

Architecture for Army modernization

| Army ALT Magazine, Commentary | No Comments

To reach its goal of an acquisition “renaissance,” the Army must create an architecture for modernization that provides a blueprint for how all of the pieces fit and work together….

Tightening the supply chain

| Acquisition, Army ALT Magazine | No Comments

USASAC working group develops initiatives to make sure foreign military sales don’t affect U.S. Army readiness. by Debra Valine   When Gen. Gustave F. Perna, commanding general of U.S. Army…

A Chance to Think

| Army ALT Magazine, Career Development | No Comments

Naval Postgraduate School lecturer takes case studies on the road to offer the acquisition workforce a rare immersive opportunity. By Michael Bold Defense acquisition is a complex, painstaking and constantly…

Out-of-the-blue solution makes sustainment easier

| Army ALT Magazine, Faces of the Force | No Comments

Capt. Zachary Schofield COMMAND/ORGANIZATION: Product Manager for Wideband Enterprise Satellite Systems, Project Manager for Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems, Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems POSITION AND OFFICIAL…


Modernizing the network

| Acquisition, Army ALT Magazine | No Comments

A departing network PM discusses challenges and must-haves as the Army moves toward its one network vision. by Amy Walker Col. Greg Coile has been serving as the project manager…

Synchronization is key

| Acquisition, Army ALT Magazine | No Comments

Training and fielding network modernization requires a fully unified effort to ensure force readiness with the least possible disruption. by Brent Smith, Lawrence Holgate and Amy Walker To retain technological…

Ask the right questions

| Acquisition, Army ALT Magazine | No Comments

For the Army to successfully develop artificial intelligence, it needs to collect the right data before investing.  By Lt. Col. Jenny Stacy Ongoing advances in artificial intelligence (AI) “will change…

Big Data=Better Decisions

| Army ALT Magazine, Faces of the Force | No Comments

Cassandra K. Simmons-Brown COMMAND/ORGANIZATION: Business Analytics and Audit Management, Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense POSITION AND OFFICIAL TITLE: Director YEARS OF SERVICE IN WORKFORCE:…

From the AAE: The Zen of Data

| Acquisition, Army ALT Magazine | No Comments

FROM THE ARMY ACQUISITION EXECUTIVE Dr. Bruce D. Jette THE ZEN OF DATA  Managing data holistically from the foxhole to the Pentagon enables better decision-making. The old saying is that…

From Sensor to Shooter, Faster

| Acquisition, Army ALT Magazine | No Comments

How a demonstration of translating targeting data between the Army and the Air Force confirmed a prototype for long-range precision fires in multidomain operations. by Maj. Isaac Lewellen, Chief Warrant…

Magic Bullets: The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Weapon Systems

| Army ALT Magazine, Commentary | No Comments

AI on the battlefield will come. That’s guaranteed. Before AI automates ‘slaughterbots,’ we need to think through the moral and ethical implications of such powerful technology in warfare. What does…

Data is always decisive

| Acquisition, Army ALT Magazine | No Comments

From Sun Tzu to machine learning, having good data is more than half the battle. The Army’s acquisition data domain promises to prove that once again. by Maj. Mario Iglesias…

Bringing Intel to Contracting

| Army ALT Magazine, Contracting | No Comments

Intelligence collection isn’t just for battle planning. It also has demonstrated its value in contracting with information on vendors, insider threats, and fraud, waste and abuse. by Russell Parman During…

Need to know: An Army acquisition budget FAQ

| Acquisition, Army ALT Magazine | No Comments

by Army AL&T and DASA PPR Staff  Q: What are the key characteristics of a sound justification document? A: A sound justification document clearly explains the source of the requirement,…

No Mysteries, Please

| Acquisition, Army ALT Magazine | No Comments

Budgeting for Army acquisition programs is both art and science, in which clarity and consistency set the tone for success. by Margaret C. Roth and Mary Kate Aylward If every…