Army Acquisition Workforce Policies

August 8, 20172017 NSP-MSPM Policy and Procedures

Naval Postgraduate School MSPM and MSSE With a System of Systems Focus Policy and Procedures

July 21, 201451C NCO Attendance at PME Courses

NCO: This document establishes the policy for NCO attendance for the 51C Advanced Leaders Course and the 51C Senior Leaders Course.

September 4, 2018AAFL and AAFA Policy

AAFL and AAFA Policy

May 29, 2018AAW Project/Policy Director (PD) Policy and Procedures

AAW Project/Policy Director (PD) Policy and Procedures

January 30, 2018Acquisition Leadership Challenge Program (ALCP) Policy

This policy governs the implementation and administration of the Army Acquisition Workforce (AAW) Acquisition Leadership Challenge Program (ALCP), establishing roles and responsibilities of interested parties, and general requirements for selection to and participation in the Program.

July 17, 2017Acquisition Tuition Assistance Program (ATAP) Policy

This document establishes the policy and procedures for participation in the ATAP program as well as the procedures for the application and selection process. For more information on ATAP go to the program page.

February 10, 2012ACS TWI Policy Procedures

Advanced Civil School (ACS) and Training with Industry (TWI) policy and procedures.

July 23, 2014Annual Ethics Training Requirement

Mandatory Training Requirements: All DOD acquisition workforce members are required to complete ethics training annually.

March 3, 2016Appointment as the Acquisition Functional Advisor for Military Personnel Serving in Program Management

AAFA Policy: Establishes Acquisition Functional Advisors for military personnel serving in program management and contracting

February 25, 2014Army Acquisition Corps Functional Area 51 Officer Intermediate Qualification Course Waiver

This policy outlines the eligibility criterion for the Acquisition Intermediate Qualification Course waiver.

August 28, 2015Army Acquisition Functional Advisor (AAFA) Designation

Provides Army DACM Office guidance on the designation of AAFAs and the associated roles and responsibilities.

September 22, 2015Army Acquisition Workforce Standard Program Management Position Nomenclature Policy

Intent is to establish standard/common nomenclature for program management personnel across the Army Acquisition workforce.

May 20, 2014Army Civilian Acquisition Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP) Policy

This document establishes policy for the United States Army Acquisition Support Center (USAASC) DACM Office Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP). SLRP is available to Department of the Army civilian acquisition workforce members. For more information on SLRP go to the program page.

November 7, 2013Army Procedures for Implementing the DOD Acquisition Career Management Mandatory Course Fulfillment Program

The Fulfillment Program enables members of the Army Acquisition Workforce and the Army Acquisition Corps, as well as non-acquisition workforce members being considered for an Army acquisition position, to receive credit for completion of mandatory DAU training courses for which they can demonstrate they possess the required competencies.

March 10, 2015CAP Background Paper

Tenure agreements are mandated for Critical Acquisition Positions (CAPs) and Key Leadership Positions (KLPs), which are a subset of CAPs. All CAP tenure agreements require a three-year tenure. ACAT I and IA KLP program managers (PMs) require a four-year tenure. For the U.S. Army, this includes Army Centralized Selection List (CSL) ACAT I and IA program managers only.

December 8, 2014CAP Tenure Requirements

Critical Acquisition Positions (CAPs) are designated based on criticality of the position to the acquisition program, effort or function supported.

August 2, 2017Competitive Development Group/Army Acquisition Fellowship (CDG/AAF) program Policy

This policy governs the implementation and administration of the Army Acquisition Corps (AAC) Competitive Development Group/Army Acquisition Fellowship (CDG/AAF) Program, establishing roles and responsibilities of interested parties, and general requirements for selection into and participation in the Program.

March 30, 2012Consequences of Academic Failures and No Shows in DAU Resident Courses

DACM Guidance: Acquisition workforce members who academically fail or “no show” a resident DAU course required for their acquisition certification will not be eligible to participate in certain training programs.

January 8, 2014Continuous Learning Policy and Implementation Guidelines for Acquisition Employees and their Supervisors

DACM Guidance: The purpose of this policy is to ensure acquisition professionals develop and stay current in leadership and functional acquisition skills that augment the minimum education, training and experiences standards established for certification purposes within their acquisition career fields.

November 1, 2016Contracting validation for foreign local nationals

Establishes the policy and procedures through which the Department of the Army recognizes and credits the training, education and experience of Foreign local nationals for validation in accordance with DOD established standards.

January 6, 2014DA Procedures for Designating ACMAs

This document provides guidance from the Director and Deputy Director of Acquisition Career Management on the nomination, designation and succession planning of Acquisition Career Management Advocates (ACMAs) at the command and organization level for the Army Acquisition Workforce.

February 10, 2014DA Procedures for Designating OAPs

This document establishes the policy for the designation of an organizational acquisition point of contact (OAP) and outlines the procedures, duties and responsibilities of the U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center, sponsoring Army commands and organizations, designated OAPs and Acquisition Workforce members.

October 17, 2017DAAC Appointment Memorandum

The Director of the Army Acquisition Corps (DAAC) has the authority to carry out all powers, functions and duties with respect to the management and oversight of all Army Acquisition Corps and Army Acquisition Workforce matters, according to Department of Defense Instruction 5000.66 (Defense Acquisition Workforce Education, Training, Experience, and Career Development Program), dated July 27, 2017.

October 17, 2017DACM Delegation of Authority Memo

The Director, Acquisition Career Management (DACM) is the Army’s representative for all Army Acquisition Workforce (AAW) matters within DOD, with authority to manage the integrated execution and oversight and daily management of the AAW education, training and career development programs.

December 1, 2014DAU Training Policy and Procedures

Establishes the policy and procedures for the application, selection, funding and cancellation of DAU training.

January 28, 2014DAU-SSCF Program Policy

Defense Acquisition University Senior Service College Fellowship (DAU-SSCF) Program Policy.

February 1, 2016DD-2888 DoD CAP Service Agreement

Tenure Agreement: DD-2888 DoD CAP Service Agreement (February 2016)

August 20, 2014Department of the Army, Acquisition Career Field

Provides uniform guidance for managing acquisition career field (ACF) certification. It is DOD policy that the primary objective of the Army Acquisition Workforce education, training and career development program is to create a professional, agile and motivated acquisition workforce that consistently makes smart business decisions, acts in an ethical manner and delivers timely and affordable capabilities to the Soldier.

January 30, 2012Director of Acquisition Career Management Guidance Memorandum #8 – Enforcement of DAWIA Certification Compliance Policy

Intent is for workforce member to be properly certified in their duty positions. Until they are, they will not be funded to take other developmental or non-certification related training. Also established GO/SES quarterly meetings to focus on Acquisition Workforce issues.

March 17, 2017Director, Army Acquisition Corps Memorandum – Fiscal Year 2017 Army Acquisition Workforce Goals/Standards

DACM Guidance: Intent is to have the Army’s Certification rates, IDPs and CLPs as high as possible, and to adhere to a high-level of Talent Management standards.

November 26, 2016Discontinuance of automatic grace period extension regarding contracting accreditation

NCO: Discontinues the practice of automatically granting a 36-month position waiver for NCOs granted contracting accreditation.

April 13, 2018Enlisted CAP Memo

Enlisted CAP Memo

August 6, 2011Establishment of Acquisition Functional Advisors for Military Personnel Serving in Program Management and Contracting

Establishment of Acquisition Functional Advisors for Military Personnel Serving in Program Management and Contracting (August 6, 2011)

November 19, 2014Exception to CAP Policy for PSMs in LCL

Product Support Manager: Servers as an exception to policy from the Army DACM memorandum (Reference 1.a.). The exception authorizes designation of CAPs for PSMs of ACAT III programs serving as logistics management specialists (PRD#AE111111 (non-supervisory)) or supervisory logistics management specialist (PRD# AE333333 (supervisory)), in LCL ACF positions. Incumbents may also occupy the CAP as exception. This exception does not apply to any other ACEs or positions.

August 31, 2015FA51 Intermediate Level Education/Joint Professional Military Education-1

Army officers who complete the Naval Command and Staff Education Course while attending the Naval Postgraduate School are eligible to receive full credit for ILE and JPME-1.

September 4, 2013Fulfillment of DAU courses through NPS Masters of Acquisition and Contract Management

Provides guidance regarding fulfillment of DAU courses required for Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act Levels I, II and III certification in contracting, through completion of the Naval Postgraduate School Masters of Acquisition and Contract Management – Section 815/835 curricular programs and courses.

July 6, 2016FY17 51C NCO ASC App Packet Standards

NCO: Outlines policy and procedures for Army acquisition NCO Advanced Civil Schooling (ACS) selection and attendance.

September 28, 2018FY19 Army Acquisition Workforce Standards

FY19 Army Acquisition Workforce Standards

July 6, 2016FY2017 ACS Updated Policy

NCO: This document establishes the policy and procedures for applying to the ACS program and the selection of applicants for this program.

October 11, 2013Guidance for AAC Application for CSL Command/Key Billet Selection Board

DACM Guidance: Guidance for officers and civilian applicants for providing the most thorough, complete and relevant information available.

May 17, 2017Implementation Memo to Change Years of Experience Requirements for the Business-Cost Estimating Career Field

The experience certification requirement for Business – Cost Estimating Level III will be lowered from 7 years of experience in cost estimating to 6 years of acquisition experience, with 5 of the 6 years of experience in cost estimating.

March 29, 2018Mandatory Requirements for Individuals Selected for Centralized Selection

Mandatory Requirements for Individuals Selected for Centralized Selection

January 18, 2012Mandatory Training Requirements Directive for DPEOs and DPMs

In accordance with Title 10 United States Code Chapter 87 Section 1735, every Deputy Program Manager of a major defense acquisition program or a significant nonmajor defense acquisition program must complete the program management course at the Defense Systems Management College.

December 28, 2012Masters of Cost Estimating and Analysis (MCEA) Program Fulfillment for Business Cost Estimating (BUS-CE)

Provides guidance regarding fulfillment for several DAU courses required for certification in the BUS-CE acquisition career field, through completion of the Joint Naval Postgraduate School/Air Force Institute of Technology MCEA Program.

September 2, 2004Modification of PPP Procedures for PM CAPs

Critical Acquisition Positions: Approves the Army’s request to modify DOD’s 1998 special procedures to clear project and product manager position requisitions to be filled with DA Secretariat Board selectees.

July 19, 2015MOU Regarding Army Acquisition Workforce Management of Army Medical Officers in Unique Education and Training Specialties

AMEDD: Memorandum of understanding establishes a common basis of understanding on the identification, certification, utilization and management of AMEDD officers in the Army Acquisition Workforce and assigned to acquisition positions.

February 21, 2014NCO Degree Completion Policy

NCO: Establishes the policy and procedures for Active Component AL&T NCOs in the contracting workforce career management field 51 and military occupation specialty 51C to pursue education programs on a full-time basis through the NCO Degree Completion Program (DCP). The DCP provides opportunities for 51C NCOs to complete their baccalaureate degree while continuing to receive their full pay and authorized benefits.

October 11, 2012Pathways Intern Program Participant Guide

Defines the terms and conditions of the Office of Personnel Management Pathways Intern Program (formerly the Student Career Experience Program); establishes the management, coding, titling and accepted acquisition experience processes; and delineates training and certification requirements.

June 23, 2014Product Support Manager Position Requirements Description Policy

Product Support Manager: This memorandum serves as the formal instruction for all program executive officers to implement the enclosed PRDs in the establishment of the PSM positions. This is a new position, and the requirements for it are in accordance with Public Law 111-84 and 10 U.S.C 2337.

May 26, 2015PSM Career Development Roadmap

Outlines the Product Support Managers (PSM) career path framework and PSM position category description, which were developed to assist with training and assignment of life cycle logisticians.

May 22, 2018Securing the Offset – Innovation Culture and the Invisible Hand

Securing the Offset – Innovation Culture and the Invisible Hand

September 21, 2018Signed Memo Alignment of Occupational Series

Signed Memo Alignment of Occupational Series

July 10, 2015SRPE Guidance

SRPE: Provides guidance on the use of the Army Senior Rater Potential Evaluation (SRPE) for the Army Acquisition Workforce and is a complementary document to the policy. The SRPE is a tool to evaluate the potential of civilian employees in designated grades and broadbands to perform in positions of increased responsibility in specially designated senior leadership positions in board selection programs. Find more information on the SRPE page.

July 10, 2015SRPE Policy

SRPE: The Senior Rater Potential Evaluation (SRPE) is required annually for all Army Acquisition Workforce (AAW) personnel in the grades GS-12 and higher, including broadband equivalents. This mandate will commence immediately for all Non-Bargaining Unit AAW members, and upon completion of bargaining obligations for all Bargaining Unit AAW members.

August 18, 2010Timely Execution of Fiscal Year 2011 (FY11) Section 852, Defense Acquisition Workforce Development Funding

Intent to covey the DACM’s commitment to the successful execution of the Section 852, Defense Acquisition Workforce Development Fund (DAWDF).

November 8, 2013USD(AT&L) and Army KLP Qualification Criteria

KLP Guidance: Provides guidance on Key Leadership Positions and supersedes the USD(AT&L) memo, “Government Performance of Critical Acquisition Functions,” dated Aug. 25, 2010.