Acquisition Tuition Assistance Program (ATAP) Testimonials

Hear from recent ATAP participants on their experience. For more information on the Acquisition Tuition Assistance Program, visit

I would recommend the ATAP to colleagues because it is a great program to fund higher-level education. Today’s society is rapidly changing, and it is beneficial to learn innovative and modern ways to improve organizations through continued education.

Patrick LyonsContract Specialist, ACC

ATAP has had a profound positive impact on my professional and personal development. I have gained a wide range of valuable knowledge, expertise and technical skills in the project management field.

Boris GitelmanComputer Scientist, PEO C3T

ATAP is an amazing resource which has allowed me to advance my education and skills by pursuing a graduate degree that focuses on organizational strategy, leadership and systems engineering.

Ryan CastilloSystems Engineer, PEO STRI

“I’m a recent recipient of ATAP and completed my first course last semester so my insight may be limited at this time. I will add that it’s been several years since I have been enrolled in a formal college course and to say it’s been challenging is an understatement. Through it all, I have enjoyed the sessions and am excited to learn new techniques that I know will enhance my ability to provide exceptional service to my organization. I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity to participate in ATAP and encourage others to do the same if they have desires to complete additional training.”

Eddie WilliamsContract Price/Cost Analyst, USACE DOC

“ATAP has helped me immensely with my personal and professional goals with providing me assistance in finishing my Evening MBA Program at the University of Arizona. The program investing in my professional development allows me to gain skills and knowledge that will aid me as I build my career in Army Contracting.”

Maverick SiragusaContract Specialist, ACC

“Because of the Acquisition Tuition Assistance Program, I can finish my MBA without financial stress. ATAP is helping me to achieve both personal and professional goals!”

Cara JohnsonContract Specialist, MICC

“ATAP helped me secure the financial resources to fund college tuition and gave me the confidence to pursue my dream of earning a college degree. What's more, the program's requirements motivated me to work hard and get the grades necessary to graduate with honors. I recommend ATAP to anyone considering expanding and growing their qualifications or pursuing a goal of college education.”

Rogelio “Ro” NevarezQuality Assurance Specialist, AMC-ACC, 413th Contracting Support Brigade, Ft. Shafter, HI