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Active Component and Reserve Component Reclassification Process

Steps to Planning Your Acquisition Career.

The Army is currently recruiting NCOs, in both the active and reserve components, who are interested in reclassifying to MOS 51C and meet the requirements. Candidates selected for reclassification not only learn a new craft, but also, through the training, education, and professional development aspects of the MOS, gain valuable transferable skills. The accession process is competitive but rewarding. For specific deadlines, dates and packet submission instructions, see the links below. Click here for information on the U.S. Army National Guard Reclassification Program.

Panel Dates:


Packets Received Panel Dates
Sept. 13 2019 – Jan. 10, 2020 Jan 27-31, 2020
Feb. 24, 2020 – Jun. 15, 2020 Jul. 13-17, 2020

Background on MOS 51C:

Contracting NCOs, Contracting Specialists, or Contracting Officers are part of a logistical supply plan. These Soldiers create, examine, and monitor contractual agreements between an organization and the vendor who is providing supplies or services to the unit.

51C Contracting NCOs are experts in purchasing goods and services, conducting market research, determining price fair and reasonableness, negotiating, and evaluating suppliers. These Soldiers ensure contractors are remaining compliant with contract guidelines.

Contractual obligations between the United States Government (51C Contracting NCO) and a vendor/contractor support the warfighter. These actions are what provide all materials, from uniforms, chairs and desks, gear to deploy with, military vehicles and weapons. Work as a 51C Contracting NCO is not any different from looking to purchase goods or services online, buying a car, or a home. The Army is looking for the best deal or best value for Army organizations and units, in both garrison and deployed environments.


Reclassification guidance and prerequisites for Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 51C – Acquisition, Logistics & Technology Contracting Noncommissioned Officer.

1. Reclassification Prerequisites to apply for MOS 51C are as follows.

a. Active and Reserve Component Non-Commissioned Officers (SGT through SSG) with less than 10 Years and 0 months of time in service at the time of the board panel are eligible to apply. Applicants over 10 years will require a Time in Service (TIS) waiver. The maximum TIS with waiver is 14 years and 0 months at the time of the board panel date. The Director, Acquisition Career Management (DACM), reviews all Time in Service waivers. How well your records read/compete during the board panel, dictates your waiver approval status. Results of all selections, to include NCOs requiring TIS waivers, are released 30 to 120 days following the conclusion of the board panel.

b. SGTs do not have to be promotable, but they must meet qualifications for promotion to the next higher rank including (but not limited to) any required NCOES training, and meet minimum time in service and time in grade requirements (see AR 600-8-19).

c. If an NCO is on assignment instructions, or HAS NOT been at his/her current duty station for a minimum of 12 months at the time of the panel, the NCO is ineligible for consideration. The USAR reclassification program is available to qualified Reserve Component, Non-Commissioned Officers that are eligible and in either the Troop Program Unit (TPU) or Individual Ready Reserve (IRR). Currently, the USAR does not have a program for Active Guard Reserve (AGR) for FA51C NCOs.

d. NCOs must submit a DA 4187 signed by a Company Commander which includes, but not limited to, statement(s) that the NCO exhibits stability in personal affairs In Accordance With (IAW) Army Regulation 600-20, NCO meets height and weight standards IAW AR 600-9, and the NCO does not have derogatory information in his/her Official Military Personnel File (OMPF). HRC conducts further background checks for derogatory information prior to the board panel convening. If any derogatory information is identified in your records, the CMF Proponent SGM will notify the NCO of their removal for consideration via email.

e. NCOs must demonstrate successful ratings as a SGT or SSG with the potential to excel, verified by Non-Commissioned Officer Evaluation Reports (NCOERs) covering FOUR years (or more) preceding the board panel date, not just your last four NCOERs. This includes any DA Form 1059s, Academic Evaluation Reports (AERs). If the NCO does not have enough rated time to provide FOUR years of evaluations, the NCO must provide ALL NCOERs he/she currently has and include any DA Form 1059s, Academic Evaluation Reports (AERs).

f. The CMF 51 Proponent SGM will not consider any Soldiers with less than 18 months of time as an NCO. Time as a Corporal does not count.

g. The current Senior Rater must address any gaps in rated time, to include the period between the NCOs last NCOER/AER and packet submission date. A memorandum for record by the Senior Rater serves this purpose. The memorandum must provide an honest assessment of the NCOs potential.

h. NCOs with college degrees (Associates, Bachelors, Masters, etc.) will only provide a legible copy of both the transcript with conferment date and diploma. (Education Center Memorandum is not required.

i. NCOs with college credits, but no degree must submit legible copies of all college transcripts and the Education Center Memorandum, validating actual number of credit hours without duplicates.

j. NCOs may provide copies of any certification related to contract training, if applicable (e.g., any Defense Acquisition University (DAU) courses).

k. NCOs must show proof they possess a current SECRET security clearance or higher. The NCOs Unit Security Manager must provide an MFR which verifies a SECRET or higher security clearance.

l. NCOs must not have any derogatory information in their OMPF, (this includes restricted files).

m. Exhibit stability in personal affairs IAW AR 600-20, including, but not limited to, being able to receive and retain a government credit card/travel card, and single parents must have a feasible Family Care Plan (FCP).

n. NCOs must submit current and last two copies of their APFTs on a DA Form 705, Army Physical Fitness Score Card. Validation of the most current APFT will be included in the body of the NCOs DA 4187 signed by the company commander.

o. If it applies, NCOs must also include a current copy of their DA form 5500s (male) or 5501s (female), Army Body Fat Worksheet, to show they meet height and weight standards IAW AR 600-9. Validation of Army Body Fat Worksheet data will be included in the body of the NCOs DA 4187 signed by the company commander.

p. Provide a digital copy of a DA Photo from DAPMIS. NCOs in the grade of E5 who may not be able to obtain a DA Photo must contact SFC Gentle M. Gladney at 703.664.5718 or SSG (P) William A. Phipps, commercial 703.664-57112 or email at (usarmy.belvoir.usaasc.mbx.nco) for an exception to policy memorandum. Deployed NCOs who do not have access to a photo lab shall include a copy of their TCS orders, verifying deployment and may submit a full-length photo (head to toe) in OCPs. Photos must be professional as possible and taken with a digital camera or other device capable of taking clear, high quality photos.

2. NCOs must possess the following qualifications to be AWARDED and MAINTAIN MOS 51C, Contracting NCO.

a. NCOs must be eligible for reclassification per AR 614-200.

b. Successfully complete 51C reclassification training. MOS 51C is not awarded until completion of training (See DA PAM 611-21).

c. An occupational physical assessment test rating of gold.

d. Must be able to obtain and maintain official military passport.

e. NCOs must have a minimum profile (PULHES) rating of 222222. NCOs with a permanent physical profile must submit a copy with their application request.

f. Minimum of a 110 GT Score (NOT WAIVERABLE)

g. Be a U.S. Citizen

h. Possess a security clearance of SECRET or higher.

i. Have a valid driver’s license issued by a U.S. State or Territory.

j. NCOs MUST MAINTAIN their deployable status as outlined in AR 40-501 and AR 600-60.

k. Statement from NCO agreeing to the Service Remaining Requirement (SRR) as outlined in DA PAM 611-21, Chapter 10 (SRR for MOS 51C is 60 months). NCOs MUST serve an additional 60 months upon completion of reclassification training. NCOs must reenlist to meet the 60-month requirement prior to course attendance. NCOs who have not taken action to meet SRR within 30 days of course attendance will be dis-enrolled. Once MOS 51C is awarded, reclassification into another enlisted MOS during the 60-month SRR is not authorized.

l. Forward MOS qualification issues to the CMF 51 Proponent NCO, U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center via email to (usarmy.belvoir.usaasc.mbx.nco@mail.mil).

m. Formal training and successful completion of MOS 51C qualification course(s) is mandatory before award of the MOS.

  • Active component point of contact is SFC Gentle M. Gladney, commercial 703.664.5718, or DSN 655-5718, or SSG (P) William A. Phipps, commercial 703.664.5712, or DSN 655-5712, or email at usarmy.belvoir.usaasc.mbx.nco@mail.mil.
  • Army Reserve point of contact is MSG Rebecca K. Howell, commercial 240.382.0404, or email rebecca.k.howell6.mil@mail.mil.
  • National Guard NCOs will request reclassification for MOS 51C through National Guard Bureau, Acquisition Career Management Officer, ATTN: NGB-ZA-PARC-ACM, 111 S. George Mason Dr., Arlington, VA 22204. LTC Teresa E. Childs, telephone: 703-601-6893.

Reclassification Process:

Step 1

(Active NCOs)
To complete the application process, please go to the Career Acquisition Management Portal (CAMP) at https://rda.altess.army.mil/camp.  Read the Acceptable Use Policy and click “I understand and accept.”  Then click on AAPDS, then click apply.  From there click on the 51C Accession Panel.  The next page should be the application process.  Upload all required documents.  Once all required documents are uploaded then you will be able to submit your packet.  Soldiers who have issues with uploading documents or logging into the website, should contact SFC Gentle M. Gladney at 703-664-5718 or gentle.m.gladney.mil@mail.mil for additional instructions.

Please email complete reclassification packets with individual documents (see below for example documentation) in PDF format to Gerald.a.lyles2.mil@mail.mil. Any questions contact LTC Gerald (Jerry) Lyles at 703-664-5711 or MSG Rebecca Howell at rebecca.k.howell6.mil@mail.mil.

Step 2

All Soldiers will be notified by email regarding approval or disapproval status 30 to 120 days following the conclusion of each review panel. Board results are posted below.

Packets that contain attachments as one file will not be accepted. Each attachment must be in an Adobe PDF format and all information must be legible. Example documentation is provided in the next section. The Soldier will receive a confirmation email from the 51C Proponency team when the application and emailed documentation has been received and validated.

Step 3

Upon acceptance as a 51C, Soldiers will be scheduled for reclassification training and a follow-on assignment. The award of the MOS will be completed after successful completion of training.

Example Documentation:

PDF MOS 51C Education Memorandum and Transcript
PDF MOS 51C Security Clearance
PDF Counseling Memorandum
PDF MOS 51C DA Form 4187
PDF DA Photo for Sergeants/Sergeants Promotable and Staff Sergeants

WordSample DA Photo memorandum request from the company commander

WordExample Essay Framework
WordSoldier Reclassification Request

Required Documents:

  • DA 4187 (Signed by Company Commander)
  • SRB
  • DA Photo
  • NCOERS (with Senior Rater Profile, see example)
  • All Academic Evaluation Reports (DA 1059s)
  • Last two to three Army Physical Fitness Tests (DA 705)
  • Army Body Fat Worksheet (DA 5500 (Male) or  DA 5501 (Female) (if it applies)
  • Physical Profile (if it applies)
  • Career Counselor Memorandum
  • Soldier Reclassification Request
  • One page essay: “Why I want to be a 51C”
  • Security Clearance Verification Memorandum
  • NCOs with a degree, copy of transcripts with conferment date and diploma only
  • NCOs with college credits only, copy of most current transcripts and Education Center Memorandum
  • Additional Documentation in .PDF format (if applicable)
  • Letters of Recommendation