The Training with Industry (TWI) Program is a work-experience program to provide an extensive exposure to managerial techniques and industrial procedures within corporate America to competitively selected officers.  The Army Acquisition Corps offers this assignment to highly motivated and skilled officers in the grade of O3-O5.  Applicants backgrounds are matched up against desired and required skills of the specific companies.  Training received is normally not available either through the military school system or civilian university system.

Following the participants’ tenure at the industry, they are placed in a validated utilization assignment. Participants also incur an active duty service obligation of three for one computed in days.

The July – September 2014 edition of Army AL&T magazine features an article on how the Training with Industry Program brings best practices from the private sector to Army acquisition. You can find this article online at:

For additional information on Training with Industry, please read the following:

pdf ACS and TWI Policy and Procedures (March 4, 2015)

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Common Post-Program Views and Lessons Learned on TWI from Participants:
  • The program is beneficial on both a professional and a personal level. On a personal level, it boosts confidence and provides a great challenge. It provides the opportunity to broaden abilities and improve knowledge of best practices essential for defense acquisition professionals.
  • You have an improved ability to interact and conduct business with industry by learning “their” language and understanding industry priorities. The experience may provide a different perspective of the acquisition process and, in turn, makes you a better informed and more competent acquisition leader.
  • Shared lessons learned from the program that are applicable to the Army revolve around problem solving and decision making, and that a culture of positive leadership is most effective to get through issues and processes.
  • Focus on the basics — lead, plan, know your mission, respect others, listen, and communicate well. These may prevent or resolve most of the problems in programs or business operations.
  • The use of best practices can reduce costs, avoid mistakes, help find new ideas, and improve performance. The TWI Officer must observe and strategize which industry best practices may work in the AAC and the Army.
Testimonials from previous TWI AAC participants:

The TWI program provided me the opportunity to calibrate my workforce and process expectations against a world-class benchmark. PSS employees experience many of the same issues associated with a large organization but still manage to meet or exceed goals in a timely manner. As a result, my understanding of what is possible within the Army bureaucracy is much Greater.” – Maj. Robert “Steve” Adcock, Coca-Cola, FY12-02

Boeing has a very robust training plan for the Training With Industry Program. I have been very pleased with the interaction of the Management in Huntsville and the refinement of the training plan over time. Boeing has been very open in all areas with nothing off limits, and has allowed me to participate in almost all meetings. The TWI program is very rewarding and a great educational opportunity and Boeing is fully engaged in making the TWI Program successful.” – Lt. Col. Joey Smith, Boeing, FY12-02
[/expand] [expand title=”Participating Companies:” tag=”h4″ trigclass=”arrowright”] The AAC currently participates with the following companies: Amazon, Boeing, Cisco, CSRA, General Dynamics, Intel, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Motorola, and Ford. Each company offers a challenging work environment that will allow the assigned officer direct access to the best business practices of the top Defense, Industry, Production, and Design companies available. Read more about the each of the participating companies.

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Please contact your assignment officer if you are interested in participating in Training with Industry.

BACKGROUND: The Army’s Training with Industry (TWI) Program is a one year work-experience training program designed to take selected officers out of the military environment and expose them to the latest commercial business practices, organizational structures and cultures, technology development processes, and the latest corporate management techniques. This assignment will be unlike any you have had or will have in the future.

The companies that partner with the Army in this training program are developers of innovative, cutting-edge technologies and/or established business leaders in their respective fields. Each TWI has been established for officers to gain program management experience. Current companies participating are: Amazon, Microsoft, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics Land Systems, Intel, Cisco, CSC, and Boeing.


· Please visit the U.S. Army Human Resources Command website for further information on how to apply.

Application Deadline: 3 November 2016

Convening Date: 14-17 November 2016

Program Start Date: April 2017 – July 2017

POC: If you have questions on how to apply or to discuss if this is a good fit for you, please contact your Assignment Officer. For other inquiries on specifics about the companies involved, please contact MAJ Joel Leflore at 703-805-1246, DSN 655-1246, or email

Check the monthly Acquisition Education and Training Corner column for current news and upcoming opportunities.

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For application information, please contact your assignment officer or Ms. Michelle Houston at or 
(502) 613-6198 (DSN 983-6198).