Emerging Enterprise Leader (EEL) Program

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The United States Army Acquisition Support Center (USAASC) Army DACM Office is pleased to announce the yearly Emerging Enterprise Leader Development Program.  Information about the program, the eligibility requirements and how to apply are listed below.  All TDY costs for the program (including tuition, travel, room and meals) will be centrally funded by the DACM Office.


Announcement Opening:  20 May 2019

Announcement Closing:  19 July 2019

Board Date:  31 July 2019


Applicants must:

  • Be nominated/selected for each class by their Program Executive Officer/command. The allocation is 2-3 high performing individuals per PEO.
  • Must be a permanent civilian member within USAASC.
  • Be in the grade of GS-11 or GS-12 (or broadband equivalent).
  • GS-11s will be, at a minimum, Level I certified in their current acquisition position. GS-12s must meet certification requirements for their current acquisition position by the date of application submission.
  • Have completed a 2-year probationary period.
  • Meet the Civilian Education System (CES) requirement; completed appropriate CES courses or have equivalency; or have a valid reservation that will meet the requirement prior to program start.
  • Have served not less than 1 year at current grade/broadband level
  • GS-12s must have a recent SRPE (within 1 year of board convene date) or current performance rating of fully successful or higher.
  • May not be registered in the Priority Placement Program (PPP)


  • One year program
  • Location Fort Belvoir, VA and Huntsville, AL

PRIVACY ACT INFORMATION.  The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is authorized to rate applicants for Federal 6 jobs under Sections 1302, 3301, and 3304 of Title 5, US Code. Section 1104, Title 5, allows OPM to authorize other Federal agencies to rate applicants for Federal jobs. Information you put on your resume and other forms is needed to see how well your education and work experience qualifies you for Federal jobs. We may also need information such as citizenship and military service to see what laws we must follow in deciding whom the Federal Government may employ. Your social security number (SSN) is required to keep your records separate from other applicants who may have the same name and date of birth. We may also use your SSN to request information about you from schools, employers, banks, and others who know you but only as allowed by law or Presidential directives. Information you provide may also be given to Federal, State, and local agencies checking for violations of the law or other lawful purposes. Providing this information is voluntary. However, your application cannot be processed if you do not provide this information.

THE DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER.  Applicants will receive appropriate consideration without regard to non-merit factors such as race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, and sexual orientation except where specifically authorized by law, age, politics or disability which do not relate to successful performance of the duties of this position. Otherwise qualified applicants with disabilities who need reasonable accommodation may notify the agency Point of Contact on this announcement of their need.


Ms. Joyce B. Junior

Workforce Development and Engagement

USAASC, Army DACM Office