Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Systems and Program Management (MSSPM) Non-Resident Master’s Degree Program

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The application period for NPS-MSSPM (722-201G) Education Opportunity has closed.

General Program Information:

The NPS-MSSPM is an interdisciplinary program combining systems engineering with program management knowledge and skills.  The program is intended to broaden the technical capabilities of the acquisition workforce who may have non-technical backgrounds so they are able to successfully manage and lead programs/projects in support of the Defense Acquisition System.  Students in this program learn the systems engineering process from establishing system requirements through test and evaluation.  Simultaneously students learn how to manage, schedule, and budget programs as well as work with DoD suppliers through contracts to meet program obligations.


NPS-MSSPM (722-201G) Education Opportunity Announcement

Who May Apply and Eligibility Requirements

Who May Apply:

Permanent Army acquisition workforce civilians who meet both the NPS eligibility requirements and the USAASC Army DACM Office eligibility requirements listed below are eligible to apply to the NPS-MSSPM program.

NPS Eligibility Requirements:
Must Have:

  • A baccalaureate degree (annotated on ACRB) with a minimum undergraduate quality point rating (QPR) of 2.20 (on a 4.0 scale)
  • Be certified at Level II or higher in any army Acquisition Career Field (ACF)

Army DACM Office Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be a permanent Army acquisition workforce civilian
  • Must be a GS-11 through GS-15 or broadband/payband equivalent
  • Must meet certification level (minimum Level II) required for current acquisition position in any acquisition career field
  • Must have a Letter of Acceptance from NPS for the class specified in the announcement
  • Must not currently possess a master’s degree in a business or acquisition discipline

NPS Application Process

Eligible Army acquisition workforce civilians must obtain a conditional letter of acceptance from the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS).  Applicants may accomplish this by directly visiting website and following the instructions for Army DACM Office applicants.  Individuals who obtained conditional letters of acceptance for prior year’s application can submit their conditional letter of acceptance for the current NPS-MSSE announcement.  Please confirm with NPS that there are no additional requirements.  You must meet all NPS-MSSE eligibility requirements in order to participate in the program if you should be selected for participation by the Army DACM office.

Requests for officially sealed transcripts from all schools attended (undergrad/grad) must be sent directly to NPS.  Applications and all requests for official transcripts (sealed) from all undergraduate/graduate schools attended must be received by NPS no later than the date posted in the current announcement.  NPS also accepts official transcripts electronically from institutions providing that service.  Official transcripts can be electronically transferred to  While you are awaiting your conditional letter of Acceptance from NPS you can initiate your Army DACM Office application.

Army DACM Office Application Process:

The online application process used to submit an application for consideration of funding for the NPS-MSSPM Program is the Army Acquisition Professional Development System (AAPDS).   AAPDS is the automated application system that can be accessed via the Career Acquisition Management Portal (CAMP). Eligible Army acquisition workforce civilians must click on the “Career Acquisition Personnel and Position Management Information System” (CAPPMIS). Once in CAPPMIS, select the “AAPDS” tab and then select the “Apply” tab. Select the blue link under status (if available) to apply to the program.


Policy is currently under construction

Continued Service Agreement

Continued Service Agreement


Ms. Heather Hahn

Distance Learning Education Technician

Uhura N. Smith

Acquisition Training and Education Manager USAASC – Army DACM Office
Commercial:  703-664-5732