Advanced Civil Schooling (ACS)

Noncommission Officer Advanced Civil Schooling Program

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Advanced Civil Schooling

Advanced Civil Schooling (ACS) gives Army noncommissioned officers (NCOs) a chance to pursue advanced degrees in acquisition or business-related disciplines at civilian universities on a full-time, fully funded basis. The U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center (USAASC) Army Director for Acquisition Career Management (DACM) Office fully funds board-selected officers enrolled in advanced education programs.

On this page you will find information to help you launch into a fully funded graduate degree program, stay connected while in the program, and ease your transition back into the workforce once you’ve completed your schooling.

NCO 51Cs are eligible to participate in the Naval Post Graduate (NPS) 815 Program as part of ACS. NPS 815 is a resident, 18 month, defense-focused program whose students graduate with an M.B.A. in acquisition and contract management. The program provides students an advanced education with an interdisciplinary approach to solving problems and analyzing policy by applying advanced quantitative, financial, economics, information technology and other state-of-the-art management techniques.

Visit the NPS 815 webpage on the NPS website learn more about the program.

Application Process:

1. Decide where to apply. NCOs must apply to NPS815 and at least two other institutions of their choosing.|
         ***Note: You can often reduce tuition costs by negotiating directly with the school, securing a scholarship or fellowship, or applying to a range of schools. Tuition is divided into two categories:  $26,001 to $43,000; and  $26,000 and below.
2. Take appropriate admissions tests (e.g., the GMAT or GRE), if required
3. Secure letters of recommendation for civilian schools
4. Apply to schools
5. Receive conditional acceptance letter
6. Receive movers message from ATS Management Board
7. Submit packet to ACS Board
8. Receive results
9. Start school

Army Acquisition NCO Advanced Civil Schooling Application, Selection and Attendance Policy and Procedures


I am new to the Acquisition Corps. How can I start onboarding while in school?
The Army DACM Office, through its Army Acquisition Center of Excellence, will be hosting an onboarding session to welcome you into the career field and set you up with the standards and skills needed for your career, before your first assignment.

Does the Army DACM fund special projects while I am participating in ACS?
The Army DACM provides limited funding for travel related to defense-specific research and thesis topics. Additionally, based on availability of funds, the Army DACM provides funding for defense-related certifications. Contact the ACS program manager at your school or at the Army DACM office for more information.

Who is my CAPPMIS / IDP supervisor while I am out of the force?
Please contact the ACS program manager to assist in switching your IDP to the Army DACM ACS point of contact.

How can I reintegrate into an assignment after graduation?
The Army DACM Office also sponsors out-briefs and exit surveys to ensure a smooth transition from classroom to workplace.


Advanced Civil Schooling

SFC Kevin Brown
Proponent NCO
USAASC Proponency and Leader Development
Phone: 703-434-9609
DSN: 664-5707


Anthony Brinkley
HRC ACS Fellowship POC
Telephone: (502)613-5520
DSN: 983-5520

Mailing address:
HRC-Fort Knox
AHRC-OPC-P (ATTN: Anthony Brinkley)
1600 Spearhead Division Road
Fort Knox, KY 40121