Congratulations to the FY20 IDEAL selectees

By October 17, 2019Career Development, Ideal
FY20 IDEAL selectees
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The Army Director for Acquisition Career Management (DACM) Office is pleased to announce that 65 Army Acquisition Workforce (AAW) professionals have been selected for the fiscal year 2020 offering of Inspiring and Developing Excellence in Acquisition Leaders (IDEAL).

Sponsored by the DACM Office, IDEAL is a leader development program for AAW civilians at GS-12 or GS-13 (or broadband equivalent). It prepares midcareer professionals for positions where they will lead people, teams and other groups. Participants take part in classroom sessions, engagements with senior leaders, and a site visits or field trip.

For fiscal year 2020, there will be two IDEAL cohorts: one at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, and one at Huntsville, Alabama. The Fort Belvoir cohort will begin the program in November, and the Huntsville cohort will begin meeting in December.

The selectees for FY20 are:

  • Lena Andrews-Johnson, Contracting, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
  • Anand Bahadur, Engineering, U.S. Army Futures Command (AFC)
  • Kimberly Bell, Program Management, AFC
  • Christopher Bloomfield, Production, Quality and Manufacturing, Program Executive Office (PEO) for Combat Support and Combat Service Support (CS&CSS)
  • Gerard Cabigon, Test and Evaluation, U.S. Army Medical Command (MEDCOM)
  • Roy Chow, Contracting, Army Contracting Command (ACC)
  • Stuart Christianson, Contracting, USACE
  • Isaac Collins, Life Cycle Logistics, PEO Command, Control and Communications – Tactical (C3T)
  • Sarah Condon, Business – Financial Management, U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM)
  • Marla Dalzell, Contracting, PEO CS&CSS
  • Narayan Das, Production, Quality and Manufacturing, PEO Soldier
  • Celeste DiSciullo, Life Cycle Logistics, PEO C3T
  • Tabitha Dombroski, Program Management, AFC
  • Allyson Elliott, Business – Financial Management, TACOM
  • Adrian Epps, Contracting, ACC
  • Maria Fitch, Test and Evaluation, U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC)
  • Katherine Fry, Engineering, AFC
  • Maya Gavin-Ellison, Business – Financial Management, AFC
  • Rachael Germansky, Engineering, PEO Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (STRI)
  • Jacob Gibson, Life Cycle Logistics, U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM)
  • James Gilbert, Information Technology, PEO Enterprise Information Systems (EIS)
  • Tracy Gluck, Contracting, ACC
  • Dewayne Grant, Contracting, ACC
  • Michael Hamfeldt, Engineering, AFC
  • Courtney Hawkins, Contracting, ACC
  • Robert Hearon, Contracting, PEO Missiles and Space (MS)
  • Benjamin Hill, Test and Evaluation, ATEC
  • Michael Hollis, Life Cycle Logistics, AMCOM
  • Kurt Hunsanger, Life Cycle Logistics, TACOM
  • Cindy Jepsen, Program Management, TACOM
  • Ritsa Karakanas, Program Management, U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM)
  • Phillip Landan, Program Management, PEO CS&CSS
  • Deanna Love, Program Management, PEO CS&CSS
  • Olga Lucci, Life Cycle Logistics, TACOM
  • Lindsey Marshall, Life Cycle Logistics, AMCOM
  • Scott McCabe, Contracting, ACC
  • LaDonna McCann, Engineering, AMCOM
  • Lisa Mobley, Program Management, Joint PEO Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense (CBRND)
  • Christie Murphy, Information Technology, PEO EIS
  • Justin Neal , Engineering, AFC
  • Timothy Norton, Test and Evaluation, ATEC
  • Andrew Ordway, Contracting, ACC
  • Rita Owens, Contracting, PEO Aviation
  • Dawn Patterson, Contracting, PEO MS
  • Parchell Patton, Information Technology, PEO EIS
  • Derek Phillips, Business – Cost Estimating, PEO MS
  • Terry Powell, Life Cycle Logistics, CECOM
  • Miesha Purcell, Information Technology, U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center
  • Jillian Quillen, Test and Evaluation, ATEC
  • Stephanie Riley, Program Management, PEO Aviation
  • Miguel Salles, Life Cycle Logistics, CECOM
  • Jose Santos, Engineering, PEO CS&CSS
  • Savanna Shilt, Engineering, CECOM
  • Kevin Shwedo, Life Cycle Logistics, AMCOM
  • Dawn Simington, Contracting, MEDCOM
  • John Smith, Business – Financial Management, PEO STRI
  • Sheldon Smith, Test and Evaluation, ATEC
  • Brian Steinberg, Life Cycle Logistics, AMCOM
  • Mumbi Thande-Kamiru, Test and Evaluation, ATEC
  • Nicholas Topfer, Program Management, JPEO-CBRND
  • Glynn Vincent, Business – Financial Management, PEO STRI
  • Baron Walker, Test and Evaluation, ATEC
  • Terell Williams, Program Management, PEO EIS
  • Jacqueline Yearby-Wade, Program Management, JPEO-CBRND
  • Thomas Zapata, Engineering, AFC