Spider Increment 1A
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The M7 Spider, Increment 1, is a hand-emplaced, remotely controlled, man-in-the-loop anti-personnel (AP) munition system that is currently available to U.S. military forces. The M7E1 Spider, Increment 1A, is being developed as a follow-on incremental development to the baseline Spider Program. Spider Increment 1A is not a replacement for the Increment 1 system. Increment 1A will develop and provide an enhanced control station that will utilize the common Increment 1 munitions and accessories. The Spider, Increment 1A, will retain all current features of the Increment 1 system, adding the following:

  • Improved control station featuring a larger, high-definition touchscreen
  • Control station will be capable of providing obstacle situational awareness to the Joint Battle Command-Platform (JBC-P)
  • Easier-to-use tactical software incorporating intuitive “wizards”. To provide superior situational awareness to the human-in-the-loop, the software has the ability to load and display high-resolution digital imagery geospatial maps
  • Improved Interactive Electronic Training Manual and Embedded Training capabilities
  • Ability to employ legacy government off-the-shelf munitions that will be compliant with U.S. National Landmine Policy, as is Increment 1


Spider Increment 1A will provide the warfighter with an improved networked munition control station with enhanced mapping, improved training capabilities and wizards, and the ability to employ and control fielded Army common AP and anti-vehicle (AV) lethal and nonlethal munitions and demolitions. It enables Soldier Lethality and freedom of maneuver.


  • Latest computer controller technology and operating system with map background and open system software architecture to support integration of future missions
  • Ability to employ fielded Army blasting cap-initiated AP and AV munitions and obstacle effects
  • Provide situational awareness information to JBC-P
  • Timed self-destruct and self-deactivate capabilities
  • Command reset and recycle self-destruct
  • Transfer of control
  • Command destruction
  • On-off-on (safe passage/maintenance)
  • Multiple effects (lethal, nonlethal, demolitions)
  • Intrusion detection
  • Anti-tamper and self-protection
  • Munition field reuse and recovery


3QFY17: Milestone C
1QFY18: Low Rate Initial Production Contract Award
4QFY18-1QFY19: Initial Operational Test


2QFY19: Initial Fielding of Increment 1A Capability


  • Spider Increment 1A: Northrop Grumman (Redondo Beach, CA)
  • Spider Increment 1: Joint venture between Textron Defense Systems (Wilmington, MA) and Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems (Plymouth, MN)