Colleen McQuillan

UNIT: Program Executive Office – Command, Control and Communications – Tactical, Project Manager Warfighter Information Network – Tactical
POSITION: Chief, Business Management Division/Program Analysis Officer
AWARDS: Superior Civilian Service Award; Army Superior Unit Award; Commander’s Award for Civilian Service
EDUCATION: B.A. in mathematics, University of Delaware


What do you do and why is it important to the warfighter?
As the Business Management Division chief for Project Manager Warfighter Information Network – Tactical (PM WIN-T), I am responsible for assisting the program manager in managing and directing multibillion dollar technology and acquisition programs. I manage two Acquisition Category (ACAT) ID programs, one ACAT IC program and numerous ACAT II and III programs, as well as non-programs of record. We have many employees in our office and many others at the contractor facilities that support our programs.

The goal of WIN-T is to provide advanced network communications capability to Army commanders and Soldiers. The WIN-T Increment 2 program provides on-the-move technology, untethering commanders from a fixed location and allowing them to move to sites that afford the most insight and awareness of what is happening in the battle space. This allows commanders to make informed and correct decisions faster. From the Soldier perspective, on-the-move communications enables continuous connectivity and keeps Soldiers safe. They know what is going on around them and are able to continuously communicate their situation.

What are some of the milestones you’ve achieved?
Over my 25-year career, I have trained many people who have risen to become leaders in the Army and Office of the Secretary of Defense. It is an honor to see young folks excel to achieve exceptional careers. Also, I have worked on many communication programs from development through procurement and sustainment that have been fielded to the Soldier and saved lives. These are the true milestones that make me proud to be a member of the Army and the Acquisition Corps.

What is your greatest satisfaction in being part of the Army Acquisition Corps?
My greatest satisfaction comes from the personal and career development of the people I have worked with. I take great satisfaction in their successes and advancement.

Colleen McQuillan serves as Business Management Division Chief for Project Manager Warfighter Information Network – Tactical.

Colleen McQuillan serves as Business Management Division Chief for Project Manager Warfighter Information Network – Tactical.

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