Lane Gary

By September 19, 201425-for-25

UNIT: Army Contracting Command – Aberdeen Proving Ground (ACC-APG), Division B
TITLE: Contract Specialist/Contracting Officer/R2-3G Team Leader
AWARDS: Superior Civilian Service Award, Iraq, GWOT service award, Commander’s Award for Civilian Service, Afghanistan
EDUCATION: B.S. in business administration, University of South Carolina


What do you do and why is it important to the warfighter?
In my current role, I serve as the team leader and primary contracting officer for the $16.4 billion Rapid Response Program (R2-3G) ACC-APG Contracting team. I guide, lead and mentor a team of eight contract specialists. My efforts are critical to the warfighter because we award service task orders that allow them to have effective communications and technology products in direct support of warfighting efforts.

What are some of the milestones you’ve achieved?
I was able to become Level III certified in contracting, and I met my goal of deploying to both Iraq and Afghanistan as a civilian, and I have been able to serve as a contracting officer and team leader on four different programs covering a wide range of contract types and customers.

What is your greatest satisfaction in being part of the Army Acquisition Corps?
Since becoming a member of the AAC, it has been great to see the tremendous growth in the numbers of active military members who have joined. The opportunity to work with the military members at training events and on a daily basis has been very satisfying.


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In celebration of the silver anniversary of the Army Acquisition Corps (AAC), Access is publishing “25 for 25” — twenty-five profiles of members of the AAC across the Army Acquisition Workforce. These profiles provide unique insight into the variety and importance of the work done by the AAC every day.

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