Acquisition Education and Training Corner

By June 29, 2012January 31st, 2013Career Development, General
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Education and Training Opportunities

The Acquisition Tuition Assistance Program (ATAP) announcement is open until July 31 to all eligible personnel in GS-11 through GS-15 or broadband/pay band equivalent positions who have met their current position certification requirement. ATAP is an amazing opportunity to complete either your bachelor’s or master’s degree during off-duty time and have the Army pay for it! For more information, visit

The Excellence in Government Fellowship (EIGF) announcement will be open from July 12 through Aug. 13 to all eligible personnel in grades GS-14 through GS-15 or broadband/pay band equivalent positions who have met their current position certification requirement. EIGF offers our senior acquisition workforce members the opportunity to network and team with fellow senior leaders from across the government. This program focuses on benchmarking best practices and then returning to your organization to implement them. For more information, visit


Defense Acquisition University Training

The FY13 Defense Acquisition University (DAU) class schedule has been available for registration since May 17. Students should continue to apply for courses available in FY12 and on the FY13 schedule. Planning and applying early will afford students a better chance of obtaining a class in the timeframe requested. Encourage your supervisor to approve your training request as soon as you apply. Students should view the DAU iCatalog at to ensure that they meet the prerequisite(s) before applying to a DAU course. Applications cannot be processed by the Army registrar office until the training has approved by the supervisor.

Please apply through the Army Training Requirements (ATRRS) and Resources Internet Training Application System (AITAS) at For more information on DAU training, including systematic instructions, training priority definition, and frequently asked questions, please visit Once you receive a confirmed reservation in the requested class, ensure that you attend the class as scheduled. Cancellations for a confirmed reservation must be requested at least 30 calendar days before the class starts or by the reservation cutoff date, whichever is earlier.

DAU revised its student academic and administrative policies and procedures (Directive 704). The document supersedes and consolidates previous DAU student academic policies and procedures. Please view the revised directive at:

The AITAS help inquiry system stood down on June 4. Any workforce-related inquires, such as DAU training, Individual Development Plans, and Acquisition Career Record Brief issues) should be submitted through the Workforce Management Inquiry system within CAMP/CAPPMIS ( If you are logged into CAMP, click on the “Help Request” button for assistance. Otherwise, you may open a ticket without logging into CAMP at:

The U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center has been working with G-1, ATRRS to transfer DAU equivalent and fulfillment training data from the Acquisition Career Record Brief (ACRB) within CAMP/CAPPMIS into ATRRS and on the DAU transcript. The first batch file was successfully uploaded April 17. This process will recur weekly to upload new records posted to the ACRB. More than 7,000 training records were added to ATRRS. DAU provides a listing of equivalencies for all courses delivered by DAU and/or predecessor courses, which are considered acceptable toward meeting current acquisition career field certification requirements. To document equivalencies accepted by DAU that are obtained from non-Army schools, open a helpdesk ticket at: and request that your ACRB be updated to reflect completion of DAU equivalent course(s).