December Army DACM Office Hot Topics

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DACM Hot Topics
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Hot Topic #1: Senior Rater Potential Evaluation (SRPE)

In the August 2014 Army Director Acquisition Career Management (DACM) Hot Topics, the Army DACM Office highlighted the future intent to expand the use of the SRPE across the Army Acquisition enterprise on an annual basis. Steps have been taken to update the SRPE instructional documents. SRPEs are still required for all Army Acquisition Workforce Best Qualified Boards, e.g., the Centralized Select List Boards and the Competitive Development Group/Army Acquisition Fellows Program. You may access and view all SRPE-related documents in CAMP/CAPPMIS, under the SRPE tab.

Hot Topic #2: Introducing Acquisition Career Field (ACF) Civilian Career Models!

The Army Director for Acquisition Career Management (DACM) is responsible for the development, training and certification of the 38,000 civilian and military acquisition professionals. One of the DACM’s top priorities is a talent management initiative to ensure that future leaders among the military and civilian acquisition workforce are identified and developed. Successful talent management requires both leader and individual accountability. The sustainment and the future of our Army Acquisition Corps depend upon the investment we make in our professionals today.

Historically, career guidance for the civilian acquisition workforce has not been as robust as that of their military counterparts. To address this, the Army DACM Office developed civilian career models for each of the 13 Army ACFs. We are happy to introduce these models to you today.

The ACF civilian career models are notional guides for professional growth and a well-rounded ACF experience. Not every opportunity presented on the models is required, nor is each opportunity suited for everyone. There are many different paths within an individual’s acquisition career to reach a career goal; all depend on an individual’s current career status as well as their personal, professional and organizational goals and objectives. Acquisition workforce professionals and their supervisors should use these models as a tool for developing a plan to advance throughout their acquisition career.

The ACF civilian career models are located on the Army DACM Office website under Civilian Career Planning Steps.

‘Army DACM Office Hot Topics’ is brought to you by the USAASC Acquisition, Education and Training Branch to help Army acquisition professionals stay on top of career information with timely updates including training opportunities, current program offerings and what’s on the horizon.

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