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A prescription for how the Army leaders can demonstrate emotional intelligence and communicate change better during a time of creative destruction, based on the author’s doctoral research and dissertation.  …


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Seventh in a series of articles on how the Combat Capabilities Development Command is supporting the Army’s “six plus two” modernization priorities.   by Maj. Gen. John A. George  …


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Facing extraordinary new technology demands, the Army’s premier software maintenance organization is retraining its workforce on the skills it needs, in house.   by Jacob Kriss   As any engineer…

A New Era Of Acquisition

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After high-publicity failures, defense acquisition experts laud the Army for focusing on products and priorities over process, but bureaucracy remains a threat. by Michael Bold and Margaret C. Roth The…

The long poles in the acquisition tent

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The Next Generation Load Device – Small program used an innovative, tailored acquisition approach to rapidly deliver capability to Soldiers of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command. by Wayne Rush…

How Army acquisition works

What understanding looks like

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Understanding acquisition is hard. Depicting how it works is next to impossible. by Steve Stark In attempting to come up with a graphic representation of how acquisition works, Army AL&T…

The need for interoperability standards Army AL&T

The need for interoperability standards

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OCSE aligns IT standards for Army and joint all-domain command-and-control, and mission partner environments to ensure seamless interoperability of command-and-control systems across all echelons. by William G. Langston, Frederick J….

Rapid Networking

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PEO C3T leverages rapid acquisition and prototyping to improve network management for new software-defined radios. by Maj. Nicholas Milano, Keith Whittaker, George Senger and Amy Walker The Army has been…

Speeding Up Hiring

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FROM THE DIRECTOR OF ACQUISITION CAREER MANAGEMENT CRAIG A. SPISAK DACM Office, CHRA join forces to stand up the Army Acquisition Workforce Recruitment and Sustainment Center of Excellence. It’s no…

High-Performance Advantage

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The SB>DEFIANT produced by Sikorsky-Boeing is one of two aircraft selected for further testing under the JMR-TD program. (Image courtesy of Boeing.) Supercomputing allows acceleration of the acquisition timeline. by…

Empowering acquisition

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FROM THE ARMY ACQUISITION EXECUTIVE BRUCE D. JETTE   By giving the Army acquisition team authority and the necessary training, we can better deliver overmatch capabilities to Soldiers. Having served…

Army AL&T Winter 2020

Newest Army AL&T magazine quest? ‘Understanding Acquisition’

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By Michael Bold FORT BELVOIR, Va. (Jan. 13, 2020) — Do you understand Army acquisition? It’s not an easy subject to master. But at its essence, it’s all about requirements….

Seeing Through Walls

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Hacking for Defense alums Lumineye win xTechSearch   By Jess  Stillman   It all started with the desire to create an innovative solution to a DOD problem. Lumineye Inc., the…

More Than a Competition

| Army ALT Magazine | No Comments

From prize money to mentorship and collaboration, the xTechSearch competition is growing into something of an incubator for promising new defense and dual-use technologies. by Jess Stillman It began as…

The acquisition toolkit

The acquisition toolkit

| Army ALT Magazine, Talent Management | No Comments

An interview with the Army acquisition executive. More than two years ago, Dr. Bruce D. Jette was confirmed by the U.S. Senate and sworn into office as the assistant secretary…

Engineering the theater

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers works in water and on land to lay the groundwork for multidomain operations in 2028. By Nicholas Boone This is the first in a…

Moving acquisition

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Transportability engineering is vital in an accelerated acquisition process. by Michael Bartosiak Efficient and rapid deployment of the Army is crucial to the National Defense Strategy. The DOD acquisition community…

Sustaining FMS acquisitions

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USASAC’s total package approach keeps FMS customers up and running. by Adriane Elliot There’s no doubt that foreign military sales (FMS) are a critical component of U.S. foreign policy. From…

Career Navigator: Apply, learn and conquer

| Army ALT Magazine, Career Development | No Comments

The Training With Industry Program is an excellent opportunity for officers. Here’s what you need to know before you apply.

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