Army Civilian Acquisition Student Loan Repayment Program

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The Student Loan Repayment Program FY19 Application Window is January 2 – 31, 2019. 

The Army Civilian Acquisition Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP) is administered by the U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center (USAASC) for Army civilian acquisition employees only.


The SLRP is an annually funded program under the authority of the Defense Acquisition Workforce Development Fund (DAWDF), Section 852, Article 1705, Public Law 110-181. This annual program is centrally controlled and announced by the Army DACM office within the USAASC. The purpose of this program is to repay federally insured student loans as a retention incentive for civilian acquisition employees with critical acquisition skills. Any Army civilian acquisition employee is eligible to apply, however criteria for selection is based on several key factors: hard to fill and retain acquisition career fields; key critical acquisition skills in specified acquisition years of service; and necessary acquisition educational disciplines. These factors are evaluated annually and are all based on attrition analysis and trends. The opening of the SLRP application period may vary from year to year, so be sure to check this web page for SLRP announcement each year.

The funds will be sent directly to the designated budget POC. All recipients of the SLRP will be asked to provide the name, email, and phone number of their budget POC and the mailing address and DODAAC of their organization after acceptance.


Army Acquisition Workforce members are eligible to apply under the following criteria:

  1. Permanent or term (with at least 3 years left in term position) Army Acquisition Workforce member
  2. Must be certified or within certification grace period for your career field
  3. Must have a federally insured student loan

Loans eligible for payment are those made, insured, or guaranteed under parts B, D, or E of title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 or a health education assistance loan made or insured under part A of title VII or part E of title VIII of the Public Health Service Act.

Loans made or insured under the Higher Education Act of 1965 include the following:

  • Federal Family Education Loans (FFEL)
    • Subsidized Federal Stafford Loans
    • Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loans
    • Federal PLUS Loans
    • Federal Consolidation Loans
  • William D. Ford Direct Loan Program (Direct Loans)
    • Direct Subsidized Stafford Loans
    • Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loans
    • Direct PLUS Loans
    • Direct Subsidized Consolidation Loans
    • Direct Unsubsidized Consolidation Loans
  • Federal Perkins Loan Program
    • National Defense Student Loans (made before July 1, 1972)
    • National Direct Student Loans (made between July 1, 1972, and July 1, 1987)
    • Perkins Loans (made after July 1, 1987)
  • Loans made or insured under the Public Health Service Act include the following:
    • Loans for Disadvantaged Students (LDS)
    • Primary Care Loans (PCL)
    • Nursing Student Loans (NSL)
    • Health Professions Student Loans (HPSL)
    • Health Education Assistance Loans (HEAL)


Although the student loan is not forgiven, if selected, payments will be made to the loan holder of up to a maximum of $10,000 for an employee in a calendar year. You must apply to the Acquisition SLRP each year. Being accepted into the program one year does not guarantee acceptance in subsequent years.

Service Agreement:

An employee receiving this benefit must:

  • Sign a service agreement to remain in the service of the paying agency for a period of three years.
  • Reimburse the paying agency for all benefits received if he or she is separated voluntarily or separated involuntarily for misconduct, unacceptable performance, or a negative suitability determination under 5 CFR part 731.
  • Maintain an acceptable level of performance in order to continue to receive repayment benefits.

Application Process:

The application process is completed online in CAPPMIS (Career Acquisition Personnel and Position Management Information System) in AAPDS (Army Acquisition Professional Development System). AAPDS is where Army Acquisition civilian workforce members go to submit online applications to USAASC-sponsored programs.

To apply, visit the Career Acquisition Management Portal (CAMP)

  • Read the Acceptable Use Policy and click “I understand and accept”
  • Click “Login using CAC”
  • Click on “CAPPMIS” in the upper left hand side of the screen
  • Click on “AAPDS”, second green tab from the right toward the top of your screen
  • Click “Apply” to get a listing of the active events that you may apply for
  • Select the Student Loan Repayment Program and complete the outlined steps.


Resource Management:

For RM professionals: How to work SLRP funding

Additional information on receiving payment for Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP):
The funding for SLRP is provided via Military Departmental Purchase Request (MIPR) from USAASC or gaining organization’s Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Element in General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS). If funding is provided via MIPR, USAASC will require a Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DODDAC) of the gaining organization. If funding is provided via WBS Element in GFEBS, the gaining organization must provide to USAASC, the WBS Element where the Line of Accounting (LOA) will be applied and funded and notification will be sent.

  • The funds will be sent directly to the designated budget POC. All recipients of the SLRP will be asked to provide the name, email, and phone number of their budget POC and the mailing address and DODAAC of their organization after acceptance.
  • The employee then provides a copy of their Civilian Service Agreement (CSA) to their Human Resource (HR) section/department or management chain and request an RPA to have a SF50 created. (Note for HR specialists/management: the nature of action code for block 5a of the RPA is NOAC “817″ (Student Loan Repayment). Creation and routing of SF50s vary from organization to organization; the employee must coordinate within the frame work of his or her organization’s SF50 processing structure.
  • CPAC faxes the SF50 and the CSA to Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Indianapolis (DFAS-IN): 1-866-401-5849 (toll free) 317-275-0354 (commercial) 510-366-0354 (DSN)Note: At this time, DFAS is making payment by check – not Electronic Fund Transfers – for student loan repayments.

Veronica Daniels
703-664-5685 (P)
703-805-1530 (F)
655-5685 (DSN)


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PDFSLRP Policies May 20, 2014

Military Loan Repayment Program:

Soldiers and family members looking for the Loan Repayment Program please contact the Human Resources Command Loan Repayment Program at 1-800-872-8272 or email.