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By Tara Clements

FORT BELVOIR, Va. (Aug. 5, 2015) — For any one of the more than 38,000-member Army Acquisition Workforce (AAW), most days start with a cup of coffee, checking the morning email and a glance at the news before starting to work through the daily task list. And while individual career development may not be at the top of the list every day, staying on top of training and career development news is everyone’s responsibility.

The Office of the Army Director of Acquisition Career Management (DACM) makes it easy to manage that responsibility with its quarterly newsletter, DACM News, available now.

Produced by the Army DACM Office since 2012, the publication highlights current career news, development opportunities, new offerings, policy changes and updates relevant to the AAW.

“We are really focused on supporting the workforce by serving as their one-stop shop for everything career-related,” said Diane Murtha, concept and policy development chief in the Army DACM Office.

In this issue, readers can find out more about the second centralized product director board opening in October; catch-up on what “Ellie,” our virtual acquisition career guide, is up to; get the scoop on the Training with Industry program set to open in November; and find out the current status of Lt. Gen. Williamson’s workforce advisory board initiative.

For those submitting Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act certification applications, take note of the new certification and course name changes found on page three to meet your Sept. 30 deadline; and don’t miss the FY15/16 Defense Acquisition University course name changes outlined on page four.

Considering competing for a new civilian education offering or program? Take some advice from the experts and use the tips in the last article for creating a strong application packet.

The next edition is set to publish in October.

What would you like to see? The Army DACM Office encourages feedback for content in future editions—simply email your ideas and recommendations.

Located within the U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center at Fort Belvoir, the Army DACM Office is responsible for ensuring the career development and Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act certification (training, education and experience) of the 38,000-strong AAW.

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DACMNEWS - August 2015