What is a Critical Acquisition Position (CAP)?

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Critical Acquisition Positions (CAPs) are a subset of Army Acquisition Workforce (AAW) positions specifically designated by the Component Acquisition Executive (CAE) in accordance with DAWIA, implementing regulation, and based on the criticality of that position to the acquisition program, effort, or function it supports. The Army Acquisition Executive (AAE) has mandated that the following Army acquisition positions be designated as CAP positions:

  • a) all Army Acquisition Senior Executive Service positions,
  • b) all Army Acquisition Centrally Selected List positions,
  • c) Deputy Project Managers, Deputy Product Managers, Project Directors, Deputy Project Directors, Product Directors, and Deputy Product Directors,
  • d) all Officers O-5 and above,
  • e) all SUPERVISORY Army Acquisition civilians in grades GS-14 and 15 (or Broadband/Pay band equivalents).