What is a Key Leadership Position (KLP)?

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Key Leadership Positions (KLPs) are a subset of CAPs designated by the Component Acquisition Executive (CAE) based on the critical nature of the acquisition program or effort involved and the criticality of that position to the success of that program or effort. These positions represent a significant level of responsibility and authority and warrant special management attention to qualification and tenure requirements. KLPs are designated by the Army Acquisition Executive (AAE) and approved by the USD(AT&L). The following positions are designated as KLPs:

  • a) Program Executive Officers,
  • b) Program and Deputy Managers for MDAPs and MAISs (ACAT I/IA Programs),
  • c) Deputy Program Managers for MDAPs and MAISs (ACAT I/IA Programs) and
  • d) Program Managers of significant non-major defense acquisition program (ACAT II/IA Programs).