How do I obtain a quota for an AACoE course?

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Military: To obtain a quota for AACoE courses you need to coordinate with your assignment officer at Human Resources Command (HRC). The assignment officer provides the names to the different quota managers who will then secure a reservation for the course(s) in ATTRS.

Civilians: Civilians must be in the grade range of GS-07 through GS-13 and a member of the acquisition work force in Career Program 14.

Civilians must go through their training manager to request a seat in any course offering. The training manager will then contact the AACoE Registrar with all requests.

AACoE classes are not centrally funded (as DAU classes are) and the sending organization would be required to pay all travel, lodging, and expenses for all Civilian students attending AACoE classes.

At two weeks out from a class start date AACoE is allowed to offer available seats to civilians. This is with the understanding that military students have priority, and those seats may be filled by military members, up until the class start date (i.e. civilians may get bumped even at 2 weeks out.)

The courses provided at AACoE have equivalency with DAU curriculum, meaning all DAU learning objectives are covered and tested during AACoE courses. However, AACoE courses are provided on a compressed timeline when compared with the same DAU instruction, which can present a challenge for some students. Army Acquisition Workforce members that have had learning/comprehension challenges while attending DAU courses will not find the AACoE curriculum any easier.