Can an employee receive a salary increase if moving to a position with a higher control point, but within the same broadband level? EX.) A supervisory position will most likely have a higher control point than a non-supervisory position within the same broadband (NH04).

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Salary increases within a broadband level can only occur within the annual CCAS appraisal process. Operating Guide Reference: Chapter 5.3.1 Compensation Methodologies: AcqDemo includes appointment flexibilities designed to make DoD’s acquisition organizations more agile and improve their ability to compete for talent, especially from the private sector. A key flexibility that distinguishes AcqDemo from General Schedule (GS) is its use of broadbanding, which allows movement through the band without the need for staffing actions. Broadbanding makes available a broader range of assignment flexibilities within a broadband level. However, basic pay adjustments within a broadband level is made only with the AcqDemo CCAS Contribution Rating Increase (CRI).