How can I access my ACRB?

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The ACRB is available to Army Acquisition Workforce (AAW) Civilians at The first time you access the Career Acquisition Management Portal (CAMP)/ Career Acquisition Personnel and Position Management Information System (CAPPMIS) website, you will need to click the Login using CAC button. CAMP will use the EDIPI on CAC with the EAMS-A database to authenticate you into the portal. You must have an EDIPI in EAMS-A in order to access CAMP. Please note, for new AAW members, it may take up to 30 days from your effective start date for your data to appear in the CAPPMIS system. If, after 30 days of your effective start date, you are still not able to access your ACRB, please contact your supervisor. Your supervisor must ensure that your position has been coded as acquisition in the personnel system (DCPDS). For additional information, please see FAQ CAMP-5 and ACRB-8.