I have received awards that are not listed in Section VIII (Awards) of my ACRB. How can I add these awards?

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The TEN most recent awards can be displayed in Section VIII (Awards) of the ACRB. Only Award titles found in the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS) can appear in this section. A listing of these awards can be found at https://apps.asc.army.mil/camp/apps/cappmis/oldModules/acrb_ins/09at.cfm. The ACRB will allow for one additional Special Award to be displayed on the ACRB. Regardless of the date awarded, this special award will remain on the last line of the Awards Section. To make corrections to this section of the ACRB, generate a Help Request in CAMP at https://apps.asc.army.mil/camp/ ; scan and upload a copy of your SF-50’s showing your awards.