I am trying to add my new employee to my Supervisor module within CAMP, but my employee’s information cannot be found. What could be the problem?

Assuming that the employee’s position has been coded as acquisition in the personnel system (DCPDS), their data will be transferred from DCPDS into CAPPMIS. This data transfer occurs bi-weekly. It may take up to 30 days from the employee’s effective start date for the data to appear in the CAPPMIS system. If 30 days has elapsed, then you must contact your Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC); only the CPAC can add the acquisition coding to a position. The CPAC must add the Acquisition Data Fields of “Career Level”, “Critical Position”, and “Career Category” into the DCPDS Position Build located under “Acquisition Program Information.” Once the change is made in DCPDS, the information will be updated in CAPPMIS during the bi-weekly data transfer between DCPDS and CAPPMIS. NOTE: Non-acquisition employees will not be added to CAPPMIS.