How does TED communicate with CAPPMIS?

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TED downloads information to your CAPPMIS IDP.

a. IDP Planning. All TED class requests and supervisor approvals download to your CAPPMIS IDP planning module.

b. IDP History. TED class completions (history) and CLPs download to your CAPPMIS IDP history module. Be sure to inform your TED administrator when you complete DAU classes, so that they can update your DAU class completion in TED.

c. Goals/IDP. Your TED short term and long terms goals will download to your CAPPMIS IDP goals area when you update them in TED.

Important facts to remember.

  • TED downloads information instantly to CAPPMIS. CAPPMIS does NOT download any data to TED. For example, when you achieve a career field certification, you should contact your training coordinator to update your account and update your certifications under the Degrees/Certifications tab.
  • Occasionally, TED records do not post properly to CAPPMIS (usually when either or both systems is down at the time of the record update, but sometimes because your TED account may not be linked to CAPPMIS).

If this occurs, notify your TED administrator or the AMC TED team at and request their assistance.