How do I apply for fulfillment of DAU courses?

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The DoD offers a set of competencies for course fulfillment. Fulfillment is a process by which individuals can request credit for DAU courses based on prior knowledge and experience. At web site is a link to the “competencies” for each DAU course. Click on the “Student Course Materials” icon at the bottom middle of the page; this takes you to the DAU Blackboard. Click on the DAU Course number for which you would like to request fulfillment. Once the course information is displayed, click on the “Fulfillment Guide” button of the left side of the screen. Then click on Fulfillment Guide at the bottom of the screen. The course information will be broken up into ‘competencies’ (i.e., the various topics taught in the class). Employees who wish to seek fulfillment of one or more DAU courses must provide “answers” to each competency listed for the course to explain how he/she already thoroughly knows and understands the topics through on-the-job experience and/or other formal training. Please attach the DD Form 2518 (with only Sections I and II completed), a resume, your ACRB, and any other information that will be helpful. The link to the DD Form 2518 can be found at The Army Implementing Instructions and Fulfillment Application Helpful Hints can be found at the USAASC web site at // under “Fulfillment Info” (As a note, INDIVIDUALS CANNOT SEEK FULFILLMENT OF A DAU COURSE BASED SOLELY ON TRAINING OR COLLEGE COURSES WHICH ARE NOT ALREADY APPROVED AS DAU EQUIVALENTS. IF WISHING TO USE A TRAINING COURSE OR COLLEGE EDUCATION AS PART OF THE REQUEST, THEY NEED TO MAKE SURE TO SUPPLEMENT THAT INFORMATION WITH ON-THE-JOB EXPERIENCE.). The entire fulfillment package should be scanned as one document and uploaded to a Help Request at where it will be forwarded to the appropriate person for processing.