What is an APC Code?

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The Acquisition Position Code (APC) is the functional subset that has been identified for the specific duties of the position.  This is the field in which the employee should be certified based on the duties of the position.  The career field definitions and certification requirements are at http://icatalog.dau.edu/onlinecatalog/CareerLvl.aspx. Section IX of your ACRB documents your current and past functional acquisition positions by APC codes.  The APC code together with your assignment history is how you document the experience necessary to attain certifications.  When submitting a certification request the experience must be clearly reflected on your resume.  Below are the APC codes recognized by the Dept of Army:

  • A: Program Management
  • C: Contracting
  • D: Industrial/Contract Property Management
  • E: Purchasing
  • F: Facilities Engineering
  • H: Production, Quality and Manufacturing
  • I: Science and Technology Manager
  • K: Business- Financial Management
  • L: Life Cycle Logistics
  • P: Business – Cost Estimating
  • R: Information Technology
  • S: Engineering
  • T: Test & Evaluation