What is the Military Acquisition Position List (MAPL) process?

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The MAPL is a statutory requirement supported by a process that validates, prioritizes, and then documents military acquisition positions in the Career Acquisition Personnel and Position Management Information System (CAPPMIS) and Total Officer Personnel Management Information System (TOPMIS). The MAPL process requires all PEOs, Direct Reporting Program Managers (DRPMs), major Army commands and Joint/Defense organizations with active duty military acquisition officer authorizations (Functional Area 51) on their respective Table of Distribution and Allowances (TDA) or Modified Tables of Organization and Equipment (MTOE) to review all valid MAPL positions annually, at a minimum, IAW DACM business rules and priorities.

The MAPL Review, which is held annually for all commands with FA51 authorizations, culminates with resourcing decisions made by the Principal Military Deputy (PMILDEP) to the Army Acquisition Executive (AAE). The Deputy Director, U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center serves as the President for the Review Board. Representatives from PEOs and MACOMs also serve on the board on a rotational basis.

The MAPL review process begins with the Command POC’s input of changes to existing MAPL, New Start requests, and requests for disestablishment into the MAPL system. Next, Proponency and Leadership Development (PLD) division analysts review the command’s entries and provide the MAPL Review Board their recommendation. The MAPL Board then reviews all changes, New Starts, and disestablishments before sending their consolidated recommendation forward to the PMILDEP. The PMILDEP is the final decision authority on all MAPL positions. Once the MAPL is approved by the PMILDEP, PLD division creates an Acquisition Structure Message documenting the Board’s decisions and guidance. As soon as the Acquisition Structure Message is signed, it is published within the “Info” section of the MAPL system and Flash Reports are released to all MAPL system users showing the final, approved MAPL. Human Resources Command (HRC)/Acquisition Management Branch (AMB) will use the Acquisition Structure Message and the MAPL Flash Report to update TOPMIS.